SafeMoon V2 Listing on Mandala Postponed

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Mandala exchange listing Safemoon with global tokenomics
Source: Unsplash

SafeMoon users and fans were eagerly awaiting the listing of the token on the Mandala. However, things have not gone as smoothly as planned. The team at Mandala has announced that the listing would not happen as per their released schedule. However, they guarantee that the listing would likely take place soon.

Mandala’s website had earlier posted a statement on the 15th of February, saying:

“We regret to advise you that trading and deposits of SFM on the Mandala Exchange are temporarily postponed due to technical issues. Withdrawals will remain open. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

The date for the listing was then pushed to the 17th of February, but yet again this timeline was not fulfilled.

Fans and users were not happy with this development, which further tarnished SafeMoon’s image of not meeting deadlines.

Source: Mandala, Discord

SafeMoon V2 on Mandala: What would have been

According to the website, Mandala Exchange would be the first CEX to embrace SafeMoon V2 Global Tokenomics. Traders would have been charged both the usual 10% SafeMoon V2 tax and a Mandala trading fee, depending on the $MDX locking tier they were in (the base trading fee is 0.1 percent, but traders can save up to 35% by locking Mandala native token, $MDX).

Users who trade and hold their SFM on Mandala could earn SAFU funds, which is one of the advantages of global tokenomics. In addition, investors could receive passive income from their trades by collecting their 4% global SFM reflections. While the method is similar to holding SFM on MetaMask, Mandala allows users to get reflections even though it is a trade.

The team at Mandala has revealed that they have seen the rough draft and hopes everyone will be satisfied with the contents of the update. However, the team could not give a fixed date to look forward to.