SafeMoon V2 Upgradation Goes Live: Will the DeFi Token’s Bull Run Begin?

Vinod Dsouza
SafeMoon V2
SafeMoon V2 is now live and holders can swap their tokens to the new platform.

SafeMoon launched the much-awaited V2 migration to its users on the BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain platform. The V2 upgradation is fully implemented and holders can can swap their SafeMoon tokens into the V2 network. SafeMoon V2 will get upgraded contracts that have the ability to change the coin’s consolidation formula. The upgraded contract will entail a 1000:1 consolidation and reduce the supply of circulation by a factor. The upgradation will happen without affecting the portfolio balance of its users.

For the uninitiated, consolidation is a DeFi feature that Safemoon refers to as reverse stock splits. The stock market usually allows companies to do reverse stock splits as it would eventually benefit the share holders. The same reverse stock splits in the form of consolidation is used by the Safemoon team who believe will benefit the investor. Consolidation is just a way to clean up the numbers without changing the ownership rights of the investors.

The V2 upgradation will increase SafeMoon’s quality, security, and accessibility and unlock a host of developments for the future. In addition, the development gives Safemoon an opportunity to spread its wings in the crypto sphere and attract new investors. The most popular DeFi project is aiming for adoption and additional use-cases with the launch of V2.

“Migration to V2 now available on #SAFEMOONWALLET iOS and Android. For non-wallet users, use the Web Swap to consolidate. There will be time available to perform the migration. Web swap now propagated & fully functional,” read a tweet from SafeMoon’s official Twitter handle.

The launch of V2 has thrilled investors who believe that the upgradation will do wonders to the tokens price. The V2 migration will benefit SafeMoon’s prospects in the long run and make it stand in league with the top tokens in the market.

SafeMoon CEO John Karony Appreciates the Team For Launching V2 on Time

The CEO of SafeMoon is excited and appreciated the team for launching V2 on time. “Shoutout to our brilliant community team. The product development team and all #SAFEMOON employees for all the hard work these past 9 months. Looking forward to the next 9 of evolution. Always out front!” he tweeted.

He also announced that new features would be out on the Wallet making it easier for holders to navigate the token.

SafeMoon’s Bull Run Begins?

SafeMoon spiked close to 5% after the launch of V2 and the upgradation will slowly bring its price up. SafeMoon will head towards the right direction once all holders complete their V2 transfer. Moreover, the token will position itself at par with the market levels and could reach new all time highs in the coming days.

Also, the V2 upgradation will attract many more new and first-time investors into its fold and propel its price to new highs. At the time of publishing, SafeMoon was trading at $0.00000171 and is up +4.5% in the 24-hours day trade.