SEC Will Reportedly Approve Multiple Spot Bitcoin ETFs

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With next week’s deadline fast approaching, insiders have stated that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will reportedly approve multiple Spot Bitcoin ETFs. Specifically, TechCrunch reporter Jacquelyn Melinek stated that “multiple firm’s applications” will receive approval early next week.

The industry-wide expectation is that approvals will be granted between January 8th and 10th. However, reports from earlier in the week began to create speculation that the contrary would occur. Still, the prevailing thought is that the SEC will move forward with approvign the creation of the investment product in the United States for the very first time.

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SEC to Green Light Multiple Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications at Once

For the past several months, the digital asset market has been speculating over the potential arrival of the US’ first Spot Bitcoin ETF. With more than a dozen applicants, the prospective investment offering is approaching its vital deadline. Moreover, many industry experts are signaling an impending approval.

Subsequently, a TechCrunch Insider, Jacquelyn Melinek, has stated their expectation that the SEC will approve multiple Spot Bitcoin ETF applications. Specifically, this shows that the agency will not value one issuer over another. There will likely be an influx of these approvals being made at once.

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In a later post to X (formerly Twitter), Melinek told her followers to “expect something” Friday. That is rather interesting, considering the deadline to approve starts on that day. Still, many expect approvals to be held off until early next week. Specifically, between January 8th and 10th.

Various firms are committing to the final registrations that they need before the approval they seek. Entities like Fidelity, Grayscale, and VanEck have all filed registrations for securities with the SEC. Moreover, Goldman Sachs and others are seeking pivotal roles in various Spot Bitcoin ETFs. Ultimately, it appears as though approval is inevitable.