SHIB Starts 2023 in Top 10 Purchased Tokens Among ETH Whales

Joshua Ramos
Shiba Inu Burn Rate Soars as the Community Welcomes 2023
Source: AMBCrypto

Following a Tweet from Shiba Inu founder Shytoshi Kusama that hinted at the arrival of the long-awaited Shibarium update, SHIB was among the top 10 purchased tokens by ETH Whales. The beloved meme coin has been a constant topic throughout the year, and 2023 has already been good for the token thus far.

The update was shared by @WhaleStates who relayed the news that December 29th saw SHIB reach the top 10 in purchased tokens of 2,000 ETH Whales. Moreover, that stretch helped to end the year with the hope that Shibarium can only enhance that number.

ETH Whales Buy SHIB Amidst Shibarium Tease

In the crypt industry, there are few communities as passionate as the Shiba Inu base. The meme coin has long been a narrative worth following in the market and reached new burn levels throughout the year.

Yet, with all of the passion, there is optimism about the impending arrival of the long-awaited Shibarium update. Subsequently, that hype has led to SHIB making its way to the top 10 purchased tokens among 2,000 ETH Whales.

Shibarium is the highly-anticipated L2 scaling protocol for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Additionally, having been rumored and hinted at for so long, Shiba Inu creator Shytoshi Kusama ended the year by Tweeting it was set to arrive, “very soon.”


The goal and purpose of the Shibarium update are to provide the passionate community with a chance for greater participation. Further providing utility, metaverse updates, and games. Consequently, these kinds of developmental updates are crucial to the continued burning of SHIB, and its continued growth in activity.

Yet, the accumulation of SHIB by ETH Whales did not necessarily equate to massive gains on the final day of 2022. Conclusively, today marked a slip in comparison to BONE, the governance token of the Shibarium update.