Shiba Coffee Company Lets You Burn SHIB After Drinking Coffee Few Days After Launch

Burning Shib Coffee

A Shiba Coffee firm launched earlier in the month is allowing customers to buy SHIB branded coffee. At the same time burning SHIB. The SHIB society is already engaging in several burning projects, including the SHIB burner playlist.

However, Shiba coffee company is yet to complete any burns because it just launched the other day. Moreover, the company will be posting its future burns, which they expect to take every month on their website.

The company is also planning other Shiba projects like Yelp-inspired sites, listing businesses that accept SHIB. With this in mind, the company welcomes any developer who wants to work with them to accomplish this goal.

The company is also engaging itself in the NFT craze by selling NFT of its first SHIB product. However, the returns from this sale go to SHIB burning.

Burning SHIB By Drinking Coffee

The Shiba coffee company is offering various fresh Shiba coffee at $16.99. The company is also allowing the customers to buy using SHIB, and 10% of the profit goes towards the burning of SHIB. According to O’Connor from the coffee company, coffee is the best product that will represent SHIB because it speaks to everyone in all spheres of life.

Furthermore, the coffee from the company is well roasted and reminds everyone of their favourite local coffee roaster. According to O’Connor;

“Merging the virtual society SHIB has created by SHIB with the real world presents a lasting impact and motion. People will now be able to touch and smell what they can really feel. it’s not just online.”

The coffee company hailed praises to the SHIB army, saying that other businesses and people work on ways to increase the SHIB price but through burning, but the army is strong.

Other Projects by Shiba Coffee Company

The Shiba Coffee company is not the only one getting involved in burning SHIB. Shiba Inu burning is now among the most important issues within the SHIB society.

Projects like the Shib Burn Party are contributing a lot towards the dead wallet. However, it looks like everyone agrees that more burning needs to take place. Recently the Shiboshi NFTs suggested that the Oshiverse NFT game implements SHIB burning through games.

In addition, Bricks Buster developer- a mobile game on Google Play and App stores is also burning SHIB through ad profits. Travis Johnson is a strong holder of SHIB, apparently offering the game to SHIB society to burn the coins.

If the SHIB society gets involved, thousands of dollars could get burned every day at no cost to the SHI army. Moreover, to burn 500 trillion SHIB will take a long period despite the measures taken to arrive at that.

But with consistency and continuous implementation, many new burns will be taking place. According to the ShibaBurn party, 237 million SHIB is already burning. This makes up to 0.000039% of the revolving supply representing only $12100.

Several other companies are also pledging to burn SHIB. The small businesses will gain a lot by ushering in new customers whose interest is in the businesses taking place in the movement SHIB is becoming worldwide.