‘We’ll Be Rich Soon’: Rapper Sings After Creating a Shiba Inu Themed Anthem Song

Vinod Dsouza

”Shiba Inu to the moon, we’ll be rich soon” sings Rapper SNSG in the song Madness that also features rapper Acey. The track is now considered as SHIB inspired anthem song as it speaks about the dream of millions of investors.

The lyrics also states, ”You need to find beauty in the process” referring to holding the coin for the long term. ”This is for you #ShibArmy! We are going to the moon together,” tweeted rapper SNSG about his latest track.

Enthusiasm For SHIB

There’s a lot of enthusiasm for Shiba Inu all around the world. Investors are eagerly hoping the coin to beach the 1 Cent mark so they can live a life with financial security.

Rapper SNSG shares the same feeling and revealed that he and his family members want the coin to succeed. He stated that his family will have lots of ”joys and laugh” when SHIB touches the $0.01 milestone.

The rapper who hails from Royal Oaks, California is excited that the Shiba Inu community believes in the coins prospects. The collective community got together and is doing everything possible to make the coin reach the 1 Cent milestone.

”With the hype and excitement for Shiba Inu, seeing everyone in the Shiba community come together and believe in something, it was only right I tried to do my part,” said rapper SNSG to Planet Crypto.

When asked how he felt about the investors’ community calling his track the SHIB anthem, he said. ”I’m just happy to try and give the Shib Army a voice.”

In addition, SNSG revealed that artists can find ”huge success” in the cryptocurrency market and artists need to spread their music there. ”I think it’s a step forward instead of letting major record labels take most of the profit. More power to the Artist!”

Music and Shiba Inu

SNSG is not the first to associate Shiba inu with music. Bigger Entertainment co-founder Steven Cooper is also running a ‘Shib Burner’ event and has burned more than 230 million Shiba Inu coins.

In an exclusive interview with Watcher Guru, Steven Cooper said, ”We have burned more than 100 million coins in just over two weeks by sending them to the ‘dead wallet’ that Vitalik Buterin also burned his 410 trillion coins to. All of our burns are posted publicly to be verified by the community and can be found on our website.”

When asked how he came up with the idea of a ‘Shiba Burner’ event, Cooper said, ”We simply thought it would be a fun way to help reduce the supply, while also highlighting various musicians among the SHIB community.”

”Bigger Entertainment owns a catalog of more 1,500 songs from 50+ artists. We collectively decided to donate a portion (20%) of our royalties to go toward SHIB burns. Most of our artists, including myself, have been SHIB holders for almost a year now and believe that this coin in particular has a lot of potential,” he said.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00005435 and is down -4.9% in the 24-hours day trade.