Cate Coin Becomes the Top Most Mentioned NFT Projects on Twitter

Vinod Dsouza
Picture Credits: Coin98 Insights

Cate Coin (CATE) is making waves all over social media with their stellar NFT projects. Their NFTs are currently in high demand. A majority of their artwork is sold out.

CATE now leads the NFT bandwagon and takes the sweet no 1 spot as the most mentioned NFT projects on Twitter. The coin runs on a diverse platform that includes Meme, Defi, NFT, and the latest GAMEFI. The CATE world has everything for everyone making it one among the most sought after coin in the market.

Their official Twitter handle recently announced that all their NFTs were totally sold out within hours. Enthusiasts purchased close to 14,000 NFTs.

”It’s a wrap!!!! The Catecoin Community NFT sale is completely SOLD OUT!!! 14,000 Cat NFTs found new homes — Congrats to the everyone who participated. NFTs are in your wallets. Avatar frames will be airdropped when the game launches.”

Cate Coin Rules the Crypto Chart

CATE made its debut in the indices on May 10, 2021 with a modest price of $0.000000490148. The coin successfully managed to knock out a zero from its trade and is now at $0.00000933 with five ‘zeroes’.

In the 24-hours day trade, CATE has spiked up +50% and is displaying extreme bullish sentiments. Investors who took an early entry position in the coin during its launch saw profits of +2480.9%. Also, the last 14-days trade saw the coin delivering profits of +664.6%.

Cate Coin is the the most promising meme tokens in the market and is equipped with the best. The coin can be purchased through exchange swaps such as Pancake Swap, ZB, HotBit and

Is This the Right Time to Buy CATE?

CATE is available for purchase at less than a Cent and is a low hanging fruit that’s up for grabs. The coin is still in its early days and is less than a year old. Cate Coin offers products in various formats making it to stand apart from the crowd and is ahead of its competitors.

From meme to Defi and NFT combined with gaming, Cate Coin offers plenty to hold on to. The coin is near its all time high of $0.00000977, which it reached on November 2, 2021. In September, 2021, CATE plummeted to new lows of $0.000000000030 and rose like a phoenix to its present levels in just two months by rising 30253697.2%.

The coin despite seeing itself dip in the abysses managed a stellar comeback. Not every token is capable of delivering a pullback like CATE.

In conclusion, investors can make use of the next dip or two and take an entry position in CATE. Its products are promising and one can bank on their promises and variety of choices it offers and use it to their benefit.

At the time of publishing, Cate Coin was trading at $0.00000933 and is up +47.3% in the days trade.