Safemoon CEO John Karony Progresses with Turbines, Solar Energy and Gaming Technology

Vinod Dsouza
Safemoon CEO John Karony is an influential figure in the crypto market.

Safemoon CEO John Karony took to Twitter by sharing a time-lapse video of assembling turbines during the first week of November. Karony reminded investors about the progress with solar energy and hinted that it could change the fortunes of Safemoon.

”A little treat for the #SAFEMOONARMY! We didn’t get to discuss turbines, but here’s a quick time-lapse video of me putting together the small version. This turbine is for testing purposes. Installed models will be larger. #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!” the tweet read.

NFT’s Take over NYC

Karony also flew to New York to attend the NFT.NYC conference. The conference received more than 5,500 footfalls, and The New York Times journalist Kevin Roose said, ”This, to me, is Woodstock.”

In a tweet about attending the conference, Karony asked Safemoon enthusiasts to come and say hi. ”I am at NFT.NYC this week #SAFEMOONARMY! Come say hi. #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONWALLET.”

Just a day later, the Safemoon team submitted the ‘Reflections tracker list’ and sent push notifications to all Android devices. However, iOS is still reviewing the submissions at present. ”Submitted Reflections Tracker FIX for Android! Push Bell sent to devices in 3, 2, 1. iOS is still reviewing our submission from Friday! Exploding head. However, development for NEW exciting import options has begun!! Cant stop, WONT STOP!!” retweeted Karony from The Safemoon Hound.

Safemoon Wallet also listed Shiba Inu, ChainLink, and AAVE Coin on the platform. ”It’s live in the #SAFEMOONWALLET! You asked, we delivered! Many more to come,” he said. Safemoon Wallet at present has 600,000 downloads and is expected to breach the 1 million downloads mark soon.

Karony also revealed that he met a lot of interesting people in NYC and made connections that would benefit Safemoon. He stated that ”great stuff” would soon come out from the meetings he had with people in the big apple.

”Met some amazing folks here in NYC. There will be some great stuff coming out from these meetings. #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!” tweeted Karony. ”PS, Great things to come from this http://NFT.NYC conference. Met some amazing people, and the future just got a little more evolved.”

Safemoon Gaming Adoption

Karony hinted that a gaming tech collaboration could be on the cards, apart from solar energy and wind turbines. Xidax PCs, which launched a 30 series GPU gaming PC’s could soon allow customers to purchase it with Safemoon.

”Everyone asking about adoption, well good news: @xidaxpcs has 30 series GPU gaming PC’s. Talk with their sales team (they are part of the #SAFEMOONARMY) about purchasing it with crypto. More adoption to come after V2 release!” he said.

Safemoon, at the time of publishing, was trading at $0.00000410 and is down -2.6% in the 24-hours day trade.