Thomas Smith Remains to Be Bullish on Safemoon, Here’s Why

Vinod Dsouza

Safemoon Chief Blockchain Officer (CBO) Thomas Smith, lovingly known as ‘Papa’ in the community remains to be bullish on the crypto.

Smith has been vocal about his love for Safemoon and regularly takes to Twitter expressing the same. He applauded the vibrant community who stand by the token through thick and thin. He also takes on critics who question his authenticity and hits out at naysayers who’s only intention is to pull the price down.

The CBO revealed that he’s not only feeling super bullish, but is also proud to be working at Safemoon. ”Bullish on the team, I love working at @safemoon,” tweeted Smith. John Karony replied to Smith’s tweet with a GIF that showcased brotherhood and acknowledged that the community is united and vibrant.

Here’s Why Thomas Smith Seems to be Bullish

Fast food giant Burger King announced they are partnering and giving away cryptos to their customers. The Burger King news has thrilled common investors and developers alike. Investors believe that the market is headed towards the right direction with the latest development.

Burger King partnered with Robinhood and is giving away Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin to its customers when they spend $5. However, the majority of customers have received Dogecoin’s and the screenshots of it is all over Twitter.

Thomas Smith is excited about the development and believes that Burger King someday, will also give away Safemoon. A Burger King and Safemoon partnership will do wonders to it price. Expressing his excitement, Smith tweeted, ”To be clear, I like that Burger King is talking crypto. Wen @safemoon.”

The tweet is in similar fashion among Shiba Inu enthusiasts who ask to be listed on Robinhood, ”Hey Robinhood, When SHIB.” Smith also retweeted Burger King’s, ”burgers make crypto better”.

The Number of Safemoon Holders Spikes Up

Safemoon was launched in March 2021 and crossed 2 million holders in two months of its inception. The coin saw its number of holders hover around the 2.5 to 2.6 million since the last two months.

However, the number of holders at present is 2.8 million and is inching towards breaching the 3 million mark. Despite Safemoon not being available on top exchange platforms, it has attracted a large number of holders and this is just the beginning.

Safemoon at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00000422 and is down -5.3% in the 24-hours day trade. The coin has shot up +149.1% in the last 30 days.