Shiba Inu, Bitcoin Global Interest Sinks to 2020 Low Points

Sahana Kiran
Shiba Inu Bitcoin BTC SHIB
Source – Watcher Guru

The enthusiasm surrounding cryptocurrencies has undeniably grown in recent years. With a focus on regulations, countries worldwide have been embracing these digital assets. The COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in increasing interest in the crypto industry as digitalization became more prominent. As a result, the past few years have been highly advantageous in terms of the adoption and popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC] and Shiba Inu [SHIB]. Sadly, this notion seems to be dying down.

Global interest in cryptocurrency has experienced a notable decline. This metric reached levels that haven’t been seen since Dec. 2020, as indicated by data obtained from Google Trends. The recent data reveals a current score of 9 on May 25. This further corresponds to the levels observed in Nov. 2020. The particular period was characterized by minimal public engagement with the crypto space and marked one of the lowest points in terms of global interest in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin [BTC]

In a similar fashion to the term “cryptocurrency,” the interest in Bitcoin has also experienced a decline. The level of interest in the leading crypto asset has reached its lowest point since 2020, reflecting a decrease in global engagement with Bitcoin over time.


El Salvador emerged as the country with the highest level of interest in the crypto asset, contributing to the overall interest in the asset. Following El Salvador, Nigeria, and Switzerland secured the second and third positions respectively in terms of interest in Bitcoin. These countries demonstrated notable engagement and curiosity toward the leading cryptocurrency.

In addition to Bitcoin, Shiba Inu has emerged as a significant topic of interest within the related queries for Bitcoin.

So how has Shiba Inu [SHIB] been faring?

The frenzy surrounding meme coins, including Shiba Inu, appears to be losing momentum. After reaching its peak in 2021, the interest and excitement surrounding Shiba Inu have been gradually diminishing. This indicates a decline in the level of engagement and enthusiasm for Shiba Inu compared to its earlier popularity.


Turkey and Cyprus have emerged as the countries with the highest interest volume in the meme cryptocurrency asset, Shiba Inu. These regions have displayed a notable level of curiosity and engagement with Shiba Inu.