Shiba Inu Burn Rate Spikes as Eternity Game Download Is One Day Away

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Shiba Inu Burn Rate Spikes as Game Download Is One Day Away

Shiba Inu has quickly become one of the most well-known memecoins. Despite having a lower market value than DOGE, it has gradually developed far more. Earlier this year, the capability to burn SHIB was introduced.

The download date and global release of its collectible card game have been keenly foreseen by the Shiba Inu [SHIB] community. The network has been offering updates regarding the game during the previous few months. Recently, various parts of the world have gained access to the game. The Shiba Eternity, however, will make its debut tomorrow.

The SHIB burn rate has accelerated by more than 1422% in the last 24 hours as the download day draws near.

Shiba Inu burn rate spikes over 1400%

SHIB burn, a recent campaign, aims to cut down on the usage of SHIB. This method of lowering the total amount of tokens in circulation is not exclusive to Shiba Inu. Other cryptocurrencies also use it. SHIB will become more uncommon as a result of burning, which will raise its price over time.

Many platforms facilitate the burning of SHIB by sending SHIB to dead wallets. The Shibburn website is one of the most well-known of them. According to data from the website, 410,381,548,273,708 of the original supply have been burned. Almost the past 24 hours, the burn rate has increased by over 1422.75%. 28,671,726 SHIB has been burned in the last 24 hours.

On October 1st, the game was intended to be launched. Download Day has however been postponed for October 6.

The bulk of them didn’t seem to mind the wait, but a few did. Shiba Eternity was intended to be published in September but has been in development for a while. The cards and other aspects of the game were highlighted by the network, though. After obtaining positive reviews from players throughout the game’s testing phase, the Shiba Inu network was prepared to release the game.