Shiba Inu Community Warned of DM Scams Targeting Telegram Users

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Shiba Inu Community Warned of DM Scams Targeting Telegram Users

Members of the popular Shiba Inu community are being targeted by scams on Telegram’s direct messaging platform. A recent tweet from the watchdog account Shibarmy Scam Alert warned users to be vigilant against deceitful actors posing as official affiliates.

According to the tweet, scammers have been reaching out to unsuspecting users via Telegram DMs, claiming to represent legitimate Shiba Inu organizations. Their aim is to extract sensitive personal and financial information or convince victims to send them money.

The scam tactics involve building trust through seemingly harmless conversations with Shiba Inu members before shifting to requests for data or funds. With profiles appearing authentic, users often comply without verifying identities. The team advised taking precautions before engaging unknown DM’ers about money or personal details.

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Scammers targeting active Shiba Inu groups

Scammers have focused efforts within the Shiba Inu Ecosystem and Shibarium Tech Telegram groups, where engagement is high among SHIB investors. Victims likely own the dog-themed meme coin or related assets, making them prime targets. Losses can be sizeable if swindled into transferring coins or disclosing wallet keys.

To avoid Telegram DM scams, they recommended verifying identities by cross-checking website links and social media profiles. Users should exercise skepticism when messaged out of the blue, as legitimate entities rarely initiate unprompted chats requiring sensitive data or money.

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The tweet also warned against sending funds based on investment claims made through DMs. Users should confirm purported opportunities through official channels before taking action. Reporting suspicious accounts helps protect the community by shutting down scam profiles.