A Milestone to Remember: Shiba Inu Crosses the 1 Million Holders Mark

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu reaches 1 million holders

Shiba Inu crossed the 1 million holders mark today and reached a magical milestone to cherish and remember forever. The coin grew to be a dominant force in the altcoins segment this year.

SHIB which touted itself to be the ‘Dogecoin killer’ stayed true to its name and accomplished just that. While Doge remained stagnant during the second half of 2021, SHIB grew +1200% and became the talk of the town.

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The number of holders grew exponentially during the third quarter of the year and outrun the other coins in the market. After Shiba Inu spiked +900% in October, investors jumped in on the bandwagon with a ‘fear of missing out’ attitude.

Shiba Inu stole the limelight from Dogecoin overnight and became a hot topic among the investors’ community. The meme-currency basked in the limelight as the media relentlessly covered its every move and made it reach the mainstream audience.

In less than two years of its inception, SHIB was accepted as a form of payment by various companies. The latest to the list includes AMC Theatres and will accept the dog-themed coin in four months. In addition, NOW Payments accepts Shiba Inu along with a few cafes around the world. Even a real estate agency in Brazil and Argentina revealed they accept SHIB as payment for customers buying their apartments.

All these developments made SHIB the star of 2021 and the most sought-after cryptocurrency in the world. ICO Analytics in its latest data revealed that the meme-token is the most talked about the coin on social media. SHIB beat giants Bitcoin and Ethereum and took the top spot thrice during the second half of the year.

What’s Next For Shiba Inu?

Investors believe Shiba Inu has just started its run and has many more laurels to achieve. A Robinhood listing is the most talked about subject in the crypto sphere and the trading platform is turning the other way. Nonetheless, considering its drastic decline in revenues in Q3, we wouldn’t be surprised if Robinhood lists SHIB.

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Also, the ‘1 Cent Dream’ is the main goal among Shiba Inu investors and will not rest until it crosses the number. Several investors and influencers are dedicating their time to help educate new investors to join the SHIB bandwagon. Investors also believe that the 1 Cent Dream isn’t too far away and the coin could get there sooner than we imagine.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00003850 and is down -9.73% in the day’s trade.