Shiba Inu Expected To Hit $1? Here’s When

Sahana Kiran
Shiba Inu
Source – Swyftx Learn

The cryptoverse has witnessed the initial hype around numerous digital assets fade away over time. However, the SHIB Army has effectively sustained Shiba Inu’s [SHIB] prominence over the course of several years, propelling the network to evolve beyond its status as a mere meme coin. While the excitement surrounding Shibarium is currently at its peak, the community maintains optimistic expectations of a potential price upswing.

Certain individuals are even placing their bets on reaching 50 cents and $1. While the potential surge is projected to be substantial, it remains improbable for the meme coin to reach a value of one dollar.

So when will SHIB manage to hit $1?

It appears that those who hold onto the crypto asset in the long run will reap the most advantages. Telegaon, a forecasting and analytics platform employing AI-driven technical analysis, has presented an optimistic forecast for individuals who choose to retain their Shiba Inu holdings over an extended period.

According to the firm, within the timeframe of 2040–2050, SHIB could possibly attain a value of $0.50. Telegaon’s projection foresees a potential peak price of $0.089 for SHIB by 2040. Furthermore, in 2050, the value of the asset might potentially rise to a minimum price of $0.62. While the average price of the meme coin lingers around $0.69, the maximum price that SHIB is expected to reach is $1.06.

Consequently, there is a high likelihood that SHIB might attain a value of $1 by 2050. However, it’s essential to recognize that 2050 is a considerable 27 years away from the present. Numerous present holders might choose to sell their holdings before reaching that juncture. Therefore, various factors, including the adoption rate, token burn rate, Shibarium’s success, and prevailing market sentiment, could collectively propel the asset’s price to $1.

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Shiba Inu’s hot streak

Shiba Inu is currently on an upward trajectory. The meme coin recorded a 20% surge throughout the week and became one of the best-performing assets. At press time, SHIB managed to delete a zero and was trading at $0.00001001. The asset saw a 2.35% daily surge. Furthermore, for Shiba Inu to attain a value of $1 from its existing price of $0.00001001, it would surge by approximately 9,899,000%.

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