Shiba Inu Gets Nod from Early Bitcoin Investor: Is It Time to Buy?

Sahana Kiran
Shiba Inu
Source – Watcher Guru

March 2024 has been an eventful month in the world of cryptocurrency, marked by remarkable rallies that have captured the attention of investors globally. Among these surges, Shiba Inu notably stood out, experiencing a significant price spike early in the month, reaching approximately $0.000045 in early March. Despite a subsequent dip to $0.000030, Shiba Inu still saw a notable 115% increase since the beginning of the month, with its current standing at $0.00002868, indicating a 6% daily drop.


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Davinci Jeremie’s Advocacy

Amidst the fluctuating market sentiments, Davinci Jeremie, a staunch Bitcoin advocate since 2011, recently voiced his support for Shiba Inu’s inclusion in investment portfolios. His endorsement was prompted by a query from a crypto enthusiast seeking insights into long-term investments in Shiba Inu.

Jeremie’s recommendation carries weight due to his historic advocacy for Bitcoin dating back to 2013. In a recently resurfaced video from that year, Jeremie passionately urged individuals to invest even a mere $1 in Bitcoin, emphasizing its potential value in the future. With Bitcoin’s trading price surging to over $70,000 from its 2013 peak of $114, investors who followed Jeremie’s advice then would now be witnessing substantial returns.

Jeremie’s recent affirmation of Shiba Inu echoes his prior endorsement of Bitcoin. His support for SHIB as a long-term investment opportunity reflects his knack for identifying emerging trends within the crypto space. Notably, Jeremie had previously supported Shiba Inu when it was trading at $0.0000079.

Potential Returns

Given the substantial growth in SHIB’s value since Jeremie’s previous endorsement, investors who acted upon his advice would now be enjoying significant profits. For instance, an investment of $10,000 in Shiba Inu at that time would have grown to $36,708 at SHIB’s current price, showcasing remarkable profit potential in just five months.

Jeremie’s advocacy for Shiba Inu underscores the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investments and the potential for lucrative returns within emerging altcoins. His track record as an early Bitcoin adopter lends credibility to his recommendations, making his endorsement of Shiba Inu a compelling proposition for investors seeking diversification within their portfolios.

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Davinci Jeremie’s reaffirmation of Shiba Inu as a long-term investment underscores the significance of emerging altcoins within the crypto market. As investors navigate the volatile landscape of digital assets, Jeremie’s insights serve as a guiding light, illuminating potential avenues for wealth generation and portfolio growth. As always, investors are advised to conduct thorough research and consider their risk tolerance before making any investment decisions in the crypto space.