Shiba Inu navigates its way into Mexico’s largest crypto exchange

Sahana Kiran
Shiba Inu
Source – Pixabay

Shiba Inu [SHIB] entered the crypto-verse and changed the entire scene. Even though Dogecoin [DOGE] reigned over the meme coin market for the longest time, SHIB walked in and revolutionized the industry. Despite no major movements in its price, the meme coin continued to soar in terms of popularity. From listings to partnerships, Shiba Inu snagged it all. Once again, the meme coin made news as it landed a spot on Mexico’s biggest crypto exchange.

Shiba Inu was clearly driving the meme coin bandwagon. Over the last couple of months, the altcoin managed to enter an array of crypto exchanges. The altcoin fever had reached Latin America. After Brazil, Mexico’s largest crypto exchange, Bitso announced the listing of the meme coin.

The crypto exchange welcomed Shiba Inu on Twitter. The tweet read,

Shiba Inu’s rival, Dogecoin was missing from the exchange. With a total of 16 coins on Bitso, DOGE was nowhere to be found.

Shiba Inu fever advances into Latin America

Latin America has been going big on crypto. Several countries from the region have been embracing crypto and meme coins seem to be their latest choice. El Salvador stunned the entire globe by adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender. Since the region is all about Bitcoin, right now, there’s barely any space for other coins.

Brazil made news after its largest crypto exchange, Mercado Bitcoin onboarded Shiba Inu in December 2021. This certainly spruced up the presence of the meme coin in the region. Speaking about the achievements of the coin, Mercado Bitcoin wrote,

“One of the most appreciated coins in 2021 and which accumulates a veritable army of followers.

That’s it! Tomorrow, $SHIBA will be available on MB, with a track record of over 18000% appreciation so far this year.”

Another Latin American country, Argentina created quite an uproar after real estate builders from the region as well as Brazil wanted to accept payments in Shiba Inu.

While Shiba Inu and cryptocurrencies, in general, have already made quite an impact in the aforementioned countries, the fervor around the altcoin could soon reach other Latin American regions as well.

The price of the meme coin enjoyed a bullish market as it was surging by 5.70% over the last 24-hours. At the time of writing, SHIB was trading at $0.00002881.