Shiba Inu: SHIB Super Store Wing Now Burns YouTube Revenue

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Reddit

Shiba Inu fans have found many innovative ways to burn their favorite token. One of the biggest SHIB token burners is Travis Johnson. His Twitter handle goes by the name of “SHIB Super Store.” The SHIB Super Store profile employs various methods to burn SHIB tokens. Previously the account has used Amazon’s affiliate program to burn Shiba Inu tokens. The account has also used earnings from Amazon’s Audible to burn SHIB tokens. Johnson would receive a commission for each click, and use that money to burn tokens.

In another venture, the SHIB Super Store has started burning SHIB tokens with their YouTube revenue. This venture goes by the name of ShibPlay. Their Twitter bio says they are a “decentralized, community-driven project.” They project has been hard at work, burning SHIB tokens as frequently as possible.

The YouTube channel currently has around 2400 subscribers. However, they have been growing at a fast pace. The team intends to use the earnings from their YouTube page to burn more Shiba Inu coins. The Shib Army is one of the largest and most loyal fanbases in the crypto realm.

Hence, it should not be challenging for the project to gather many views on their channel. YouTube currently requires 4,000 viewing hours in 12 consecutive months to monetize your channel. This seems like a number the Shib Army can easily cross.

However, SHIB’s current burn rate is at a slump. The burns are down by 56.27%.

Source: Shibburn

Additional Shiba Inu fan support

Shiba Inu is already one of the most talked-about crypto projects in the world. Additionally, a recent post on Shib Army’s Argentine Twitter account revealed that female boxer Viviana Palavec is a part of the Shib Army. Hence, she has decided to wear the SHIB logo in her apparel.

The post reads,

“Welcome VivianaPalavec8 to Shibarmy, it is an honor that you are part of this beautiful family and wear the Shiba logo to all your fights. It is a sample that Shiba can be adopted in any possible way in the world of sport.”

Furthermore, SHIB developer Shytoshi Kusama has revealed big plans for the token. The project plans to release another token named TREAT. This is intended to be a reward token. Additionally, their SHI stablecoin is also in the making and should see the light of day sometime this year.

Shiba Inu has seen a jump of 9.5% in the last seven days. At press time, SHIB was trading at $0.00001103. Nonetheless, the token is still 87.2% down from its all-time high of $0.00008616.