Another Shiba Inu Whale surfaces; Buys 4 Trillion SHIB Tokens Worth $136 Million

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu whale

A mysterious and unidentified Shiba Inu whale purchased a humongous amount of SHIB tokens during the recent price dip. The ETH whale purchased a whopping 4 trillion SHIB tokens worth a staggering $136 million.

WhaleStats was the first to report the large purchase and shared the transaction details on Twitter. “Looks like whales are really hungry for #SHIB. An ETH whale added 4T $SHIB ($136M) in the past 24hrs. SHIB is the most traded and biggest hodling token among the top 1000 ETH wallets. #ShibArmy RT if u always think $SHIB is the King.”

The whale in question is ranked at no 83 on WhaleStats and the majority of the holdings are Shiba Inu. Data shows that the whales’ portfolio has 26.94% SHIB tokens, along with MANA at 16.05%. OMG token and ANKR come at the end with 3.54% and 3.21% respectively. The total combined value of the whales’ holdings stands at $258 million.

Whale activity in SHIB is thriving and it’s one of the most traded tokens by the top 1000 ETH rich list. Whales steadily loaded their bags with SHIB from the last week of July and the trend hasn’t stopped yet. Their confidence in SHIB suggests there could be another bull run on the horizon.

Reports state that the next bull run could benefit meme-tokens and coins revolving around the Metaverse sphere. The two segments saw the highest growth in 2021 and investors are still pouring their money into them.

WhaleStats predicted that meme-tokens and Metaverse coins will deliver phenomenal results in the next bull run. “#Metaverse and #memecoin are leaders of next bull run. Analysis top 10 purchased tokens by 1k biggest ETH wallets. In 24 hours, we have $SHIB, $SAND, and $ELON. In the last 7 & 30 days, we have $GALA, $MANA, and $SAND.”

Shiba Inu: The Way Forward

Shiba Inu saw a ray of hope today as the token spiked close to 8.5%. The meme currency dipped for close to a week and is holding on to its resistance levels and moving forward. Most importantly, despite the dip, SHIB was still the most sought-after token in the market and its hype hasn’t fizzled out.

SHIB needs to continue its upward spiral and cross the $0.00004900 barrier to breakout from the bearish claws. Shiba Inu needs three more days of upward momentum to breach the levels and gain the confidence of the bulls.

At the time of publishing, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.00003220 and is up +9% in the 24-hours day trade. The meme-currency is displaying bullish sentiments and a breakout is possible.