Shiba Inu will now be utilized to mint lands; Details

Sahana Kiran
Shiba Inu
Source – Unsplash

The Shiba Inu [SHIB] network proved to be much more than just a meme crypto asset. With a slew of developments and upgrades, the SHIB network amassed a significant spot below the crypto spotlight. 2022 started out as a great year for the network. From a burn portal to its very own metaverse, the network was here to make it big. Further elevating its efforts in pushing the network forward, SHIB: The Metaverse decided to use SHIB to mint lands.

In a recent tweet, the network affirmed that users could now purchase plots in the metaverse with SHIB. The tweet also entailed details about the minting process.

Minting Shib lands isn’t all that big of a task. The process involves uncomplicated steps that can be easily accessed through Shiba Inu’s official website. Elaborating on the process the website further read,

“By clicking on the top menu, you will open a window that will showcase your reserved and acquired lands right on the “LANDS OWNED” box, from here you will be able to mint your land or all your lands at once and avoid multiple transactions, saving you from multiple gas fees.”

The Shiba Inu Army was previously left in a dilemma. SHIB did not have a significant presence or usage in the metaverse or land sales. Ethereum [ETH] and Leash [LEASH] had taken the front stage. This further enraged the entire community. From blatant allegations to debates, the Shib Army pushed for the inclusion of SHIB.

Finally adhering to the community’s plea, the Shiba Inu network decided to include SHIB in the minting process.

Ethereum whales continue to hold onto Shiba Inu; Whale trading activity remains low

With an array of developments ahead, Shiba Inu is touted as a promising crypto project. As a result, whales, particularly Ethereum [ETH] whales have taken a keen interest in the altcoin. These whales have time and again expressed their inclination towards the asset with massive purchases. Currently, SHIB is the second most held crypto by ETH whales.

Source – WhaleStats

However, there has been no sign of trading of the asset by these whales over the last 24-hours.