Shibnobi Spikes 50% Today After Crossing $1 Billion in Market Cap, Gets Listed on HotBit

Vinod Dsouza
Shibnobi crosses $1 billion in market cap
Shibnobi is attracting heavy buying pressure and its price could propel to new highs in the coming weeks.

Shibnobi token is having a phenomenal week in the indices as the meme-token crossed the $1 billion in market cap milestone. It reached the $1 billion in market cap in less than a year of its inception and grew rapidly. The token was launched in November, 2021 and is up +5,679.4% as it spiked to new numbers each week.

As soon as news broke out that Shibnobi breached the $1 billion in market cap, the token spiked +50% today. It doubled investors money in less than 24-hours and is displaying extreme bullish sentiments.

Shibnobi has attracted heavy buying pressure this month and its sell orders seems to have decreased drastically. A phenomenon like this can propel its price to new highs and reward investors with handsome returns on their investments.

Even Shiba Inu faced similar instances in terms of attracting heavy buying pressure during the last week of September 2021. It’s buy orders outpaced its sell orders and the very next month in October, it spiked +900% and deleted a zero. To be precise, 90% of investors kept SHIB on ‘buy’ and 10% of investors kept it on ‘sell’ in Coinbase.

Therefore, Shibnobi is also at a pivotal point and could propel in price in the coming months. Investors who took an early entry position can expect a ride to the top in a month or two. However, it’s still early to take an entry position in Shibnobi as the token is giving opportunity for buyers before a breakout.

“Shibnobi is growing by the second. $SHINJA is the way,” tweeted their official handle after crossing the $1 billion market cap. The token looks promising and deliver the desired results.

Shibnobi Gets Listed on HotBit

HotBit announced a Shibnobi listing and investors can begin trading on the meme-token from today. The deposits and withdrawals will be open on December 17, 2021 from 5:00 A.M UTC.

The listing will open the floodgates of new investors into the meme-token and make its price rise to new weekly highs.

The best time to take an entry position in SHINJA is now before the meme-token breaksout to a new high.

The SHIB inspired meme-token will also be listed on Saitama’s SaitaMask. “Hi Fam. This is the first update on Projects will be listed on SaitaMask in First Round,” tweeted Saitama’s official handle.