Shibnobi To Unveil Gaming Venture?

Saif Naqvi
Source: Pixabay

Delivering on promises set for the Crypto Exo Dubai, the Shibnobi team is setting the bar even higher this time around. As per a new post, the team is looking to expand its reach to the gaming sector. A ‘sneak preview’ of an upcoming gaming venture was revealed on Twitter and Shibnobi fans were rubbing their hands in excitement.

Shibnobi Gaming Push?

Source: Twitter

The post, shared by Shibnobi’s official Twitter account, suggested that the latest gaming venture would revolve around popular video games – namely FIFA 22, Call Of Duty, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Fortnite, Hearthstone, and League Of Legends. The website revealed that players can challenge each other and wager their SHINJA tokens during the game. 1% of all the wagered SHINJA tokens would be burned. Although complete details would be released on 18 March, Shibnobi’s gaming would be accessible across PC, XBOX, and PlayStation users, as per the post.

A teaser released by the team suggested that IOS and Android users can also partake in Shibnobi gaming. The video concluded by giving hints of an upcoming gaming P2E marketplace and new NFT which could be dropped this summer.

DojoSwap Update

The Shibnobi team’s exhibition at the Crypto Expo Dubai is turning heads. The long-awaited swap platform ‘DojoSwap’ was released during the event, with CEO Cliff Fettner giving a live demonstration of the swap function works. Bear in mind that the final product will be rolled out in three phases and only the first phase was live thus far.