Taiwan Set to Issue Crypto Guiding Principles in September

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Taiwan Set to Issue Crypto Guiding Principles in September
Source: Coincu

Taiwan’s financial regulator for cryptocurrencies plans to release 10 guiding principles for virtual asset companies in September to strengthen crypto oversight.

According to officials, the Financial Supervisory Commission will establish guidelines around compliance, consumer protection, and anti-money laundering.

Crypto firms will need to implement review mechanisms, segregate customer and corporate funds, and adhere to AML laws under the new principles. Unregistered overseas companies are also barred from soliciting business in Taiwan.

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Taiwan’s new move aligns with efforts for dedicated crypto regulations

The move aligns with Taiwan’s efforts to craft dedicated crypto regulations this year after announcing specific legislative plans in March. The supervision commission is leading oversight efforts.

Taiwan previously mandated that virtual asset providers follow AML rules in 2018, later enacting FATF-aligned policies in 2021. With 24 registered platforms, the country is working to balance innovation with tighter controls.

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The upcoming principles demonstrate Taiwan’s measured approach as crypto adoption rises. By providing clear supervisory expectations, regulators aim to encourage responsible innovation within a compliant framework.

With crypto oversight evolving worldwide, Taiwan’s principles offer a valuable regional perspective. Other Asian regulators are eyeing similar clarity to manage risks without squashing growth. The 10 principles mark a milestone as crypto oversight matures across global markets.