Talk all things crypto and find the love of your life – eToro survey

Sahana Kiran
Source – BlockPublisher

With digitalization taking over, crypto-assets were seen making an entry into every industry. Now, cryptocurrencies have made their debut in the dating world as well.

It would be now safe to say that the crypto industry has quite a reach from being associated with the dark web to being a criterion to date someone. Yes, you read that last part right. The #crypto industry seemed to be helping people find love on dating platforms.

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Crypto and Online dating

Online dating apps revolutionized the entire world. With more than 7 million people in the US alone using dating apps, crypto being a part of it is certainly something to look out for. A recent survey by eToro revealed that mentioning or talking about crypto on these dating platforms was considered attractive.

eToro carried out a survey labeled Crypto & Culture where 2,000 US citizens were interviewed. Among them, 33% of respondents were reportedly inclined to go out on a date with someone who mentions cryptocurrencies in their profile. However, 20% of them suggested that they would be appalled by someone who mentioned crypto.


About 40% of men in the survey suggested that their connection or interest in the date was stronger following the mention of crypto. Yet, only 25% of women mirrored this sentiment.

Anna Stone, eToro’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility commented about the results from the latest survey and said,

“From online dating to investing in traditional and crypto assets, app-based interactions have become a central part of some of the biggest life projects we can embark upon. At a time when we can make our most inherently personal choices with the click of a button, our latest survey findings help illuminate the connections between how we navigate two seemingly unrelated topics.”

Pay in crypto and land a second date!

Furthermore, 74% of the participants, would most likely go on a second date if their date paid the bill in crypto. Here, men seemed to be more inclined towards women who did so.

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Additionally, the NFT fervor had made an entry in the dating world as well. With Valentine’s Day just days away, 8% of the respondents were keen on receiving an NFT or crypto as a gift. 20% of the singles in the survey were “romantically” attracted to those who set NFTs as their profile picture.

Finding love in the financial world

While mixing love and finances is usually frowned upon, 68% of the survey participants did not mind dating someone they met on a financial forum. However, the multitude of men in this scenario was higher. 75% of men were looking to date someone they met through a financial platform. 60% of the women in the survey agreed to the same.