The CW and Chronicle Partner to Launch NFTs to Promote TV Show PENN TELLER: FOOL US


A recent announcement by The CW Network states that they have partnered with Chronicle, an NFT platform. They will create 5,000 free NFTs towards the promotion of a TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. In addition, they will also launch a rare edition of 250 NFT silvers and 100 Gold NFTs for sale on Chronicle.

Also, The CW will be releasing clips featuring Penn & Teller as NFTs as they stream shows in the new season. This partnership is not as a surprise because Tim Glover and Jim Jin, a renowned blockchain investor, launched the platform. The experiences of the co-founders allow them to create an amazing intersection of blockchain and the entertainment industry.

Besides, the NFTs have been gaining popularity in the media over the last year. The desire to own these currencies is evident all over social media. With such hype around these unique digital collections, it is a brilliant idea for The CW to use NFTs as a marketing strategy.

According to the Executive Vice President of The CW, they decided to use NFTs to promote the new season to connect more with the audience. A brilliant marketer reaches the customers from where they are at. Therefore, since many people are talking about the NFTs, there is no better way to connect with them.

About The CW

The CW launched in 2016, targeting a younger audience. It came in as the 5th broadcast network in the US. Moreover, it is a joint venture of Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corporation.

They offer primetime programming fourteen hours a day across the week. In addition, you can stream their primetime programming free of charge on and The CW app.

You are not left out if you have kids because the network broadcasts a three-hour kid’s show every Saturday.

Last but not least, they run a CW seed program launched in 2013 that broadcasts original short digital content and past seasons of television series.

About Chronicle

Chronicle is a digital collectibles marketplace featuring NFTs. Through Chronicle, it’s easy for you to buy, sell or trade digital collectibles as long as they are licensed.

Although created to counter blockchains, they have decided to use blockchain networks not driven by proof of work systems. This exchange follows proof of stake systems that work towards reducing their carbon footprint.

NFTS for the Masses

One of the significant challenges in adopting cryptocurrencies is the complex user interface of Web3 platforms. The buying, selling, and trading process is tedious and requires some expertise. Many people will say that they have not joined the crypto world because of this tedious and complicated process.

Chronicle aims to lower these entrance barriers for average users. It features the traditional Web2 architecture for its website and applications to eliminate the complicated entry process. In addition, they have reduced the transaction fees incurred during transactions.

Furthermore, Chronicle allows users to sign up using their email addresses. In addition, it offers wallets to enable users to buy and store NFTs. We look forward to the success of this partnership by CW and Chronicle.