What Does Jeff Bezos Think About Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

Jeff Bezos Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have become a common aspect of trading. For the past decade, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have impacted everything they are involved in — including hedge funds, banking, real estate, health care, and law enforcement. It is evident that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are revolutionizing many industries, yet it is only the beginning. The significant impact of cryptocurrencies on the world economy has attracted the attention of many billionaires, including Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos on Cryptocurrency

According to Forbes, with a net worth of over $180 billion, Jeff Bezos is the second richest man in the world. The Amazon founder is said countless times to have embraced cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In fact, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says he expects Amazon to be a significant catalyst for cryptocurrencies. While he hasn’t publicly embraced Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Jeff Besoz continues to show that he values this system. His relationship with blockchain technology is also positive. In 2018, Amazon’s cloud computing arm signed a deal with Kaleido, a blockchain start-up.

Amazon’s Crypto Project

After lengthy speculation that Amazon will start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, it looks like the mega-company is making it a reality. One publication confirmed that Amazon has plans to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

According to the publication, an “insider” at Amazon confirmed that the company plans to accept Bitcoins by the end of the year. Furthermore, the company is closely investigating its own token to use starting next year. Various outlets say that Amazon is not just looking to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment but also plans to launch its crypto project. Sources say the plan is “well discussed and full-on.” This is a clear indicator that Jeff Besoz embraces the idea of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 

Amazon Could Already Be Experimenting Crypto

While Amazon refuses to comment on its involvement in cryptocurrency, evidence shows it could already be experimenting with crypto. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company’s cloud-based platform, is the platform Amazon is experimenting with crypto. Typically, thousands of companies pay Amazon billions of dollars annually to access this network rather than use theirs.

The AWS is also the backbone of the existing cryptocurrency network. Amazon’s continued involvement with the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology shows what Jeff Besoz thinks about them. Apart from Bitcoin, Amazon will start accepting payments in Ethereum, a fast-growing cryptocurrency.

Jeff Bezos Two Cents on Crypto

What does Jeff Bezos think of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? There is no direct answer to this question, but you have an idea of what it is. Jeff Bezos probably knows the value and importance of cryptocurrency.

That is why Amazon, the company he owns, plans to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. While the cryptocurrency faces opposition from a section of billionaires like Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos seems to have embraced it.