This Country Has the Highest Number of ‘Stressed Out’ Crypto Investors

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Cryptocurrencies are not for the faint-hearted as the markets take investors for a ride that’s not easy to fathom. Moreover, not everybody is built to withstand the pressures of the crypto markets as they throw painful surprises almost every day. The volatility of leading cryptos is too high to digest, especially when the ticker heads downwards. Therefore, the markets come with a lot of stress that gives investors sleepless nights about which direction their portfolio is headed.

In this article, we will discuss which country has the highest number of stressed-out cryptocurrency investors.

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Which Country Has the Most Number of ‘Stressed Out’ Crypto Investors?

Source: Pixabay

The United States has the highest number of ‘stressed out’ cryptocurrency investors in the world, reveals a survey published by UK’s Coinkickoff. Moreover, the study highlighted that 51.30% of crypto investors in the US are stressed out. Also, most of the stress stems from the recent FTX-Alameda fiasco that’s causing panic among US investors, the survey informed.

China comes second in the list of the most stressed-out crypto investors in the world at a distant 31.02%. Cryptocurrencies are banned in China but that hasn’t stopped investors from accumulating their favorite tokens in different other ways. Nonetheless, the extensive government crackdown has caused extreme stress among investors not knowing how to deal with their investments.

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Also, the United Arab Emirates has the third most stressed-out crypto investors in the world after the US and China. Additionally, the UAE has 30.52% stressed out investors as they’re anxious about the harsh and ongoing bear markets.

Below is the list of the top 15 most stressed-out countries that have stressed out cryptocurrency investors:


United States – 51.30%
China – 31.02%
United Arab Emirates – 30.52%
Netherlands – 29.61%
Egypt – 28.99%
Ireland – 28.79%
United Kingdom – 28.76%
Czechia – 28.62%
New Zealand – 28.43%
Switzerland – 27.80%
Singapore – 27.78%
Canada – 27.42%
Germany – 27.39%
Portugal – 27.09%
Bangladesh – 26.68%