Tiger Woods Launches his First NFT Collectibles

Tiger woods

Tiger Woods has also partnered with Draftsking marketplace, a platform to purchase NFT tokens from celebrities, to launch the project. 

What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are one-of-a-kind data units on blockchains sold and purchased just like other products. These tokens are also not interchangeable because of their uniqueness.

Some examples of Non-Fungible tokens include Axie Infinity, Canine Cartel, NBA Top shots, and other virtual files.

The NFT price is currently at 0.1273400 USD, and its daily trading volume is more than 37 000 USD. 

In addition to this, celebrities are also embracing the NFT space. 

The Tiger Woods NFT Collection 

Considerably the greatest player of his time, Tiger Woods is a 45-year-old American golf player. Woods has also partnered with Draftsking marketplace, a platform to purchase NFT tokens from celebrities, to launch the project. 

Currently, users can view the project’s collection on Autograph, an NFT page that combines famous brands with iconic figures in the sports and entertainment industries. 

If you are quite enthusiastic about sports and golf, in particular, you are in luck. The 45-year- golfer designed the Tiger Woods NFT collection and signed them as well. 

A limited number of collectibles will drop at the premiere and signature stages (signed version). In addition, the Autograph platform has Memorabilia from several sports athletes. Some of them include Derek Jeter, Naomi Osaka, Tom Brady, and Wayne Gretzky. 

Purchase a Tiger Woods NFT collection from the Draftsking market.

Other Celebrities 

Many famous faces are hopping into the NFT market. Some other celebrities that have joined the NFT space include;

  1. Snoop Dogg- Snoop launched his A Journey With the Dawg collection this April. With art inspired by the NFT movement, the rapper shares his memories from the past. Proceeds from the sale will support upcoming artists in the NFT market and Snoop’s Football team.
  1. Lindsay Lohan- if we talk about Lindsay, we talk about trends. The singer, actress, and entrepreneur sold an EDM song and sold it for more than 85,000 USD.
  1. Paris Hilton- Paris Hilton is crazy about Crypto to the point of naming her dogs after the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Additionally, Paris has earned millions of dollars from the NFT space and is going to make more.
  1. Mark Cuban- Mark is an American billionaire and TV personality. Marc backs several NFT minting platforms, including Mintable, SuperRare, Opensea, and CryptoSlam.
  1. Jack Dorsey- Jack is the CEO of Twitter and is part of the NFT craze. Recently, he sold his first Non-Fungible token collection for close to three billion USD.
  1. Ellen DeGeneres- Ellen is famous for her jokes and for changing lives. The tv host recently launched her first NFT, ” Woman With a Stick Cat,” and the proceeds from the auction went to Chef José André’s World Central Kitchen.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the NFT market is an excellent place for fans to show support to their favorite celebrity figures and also make profits. In addition to this, buyers get the chance to own and use the NFT token by either posting it or putting it up as their display photo. 

The market is also growing, and investing could be a smart move.

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