Top 3 Things That Happened to Safemoon this week

Vinod Dsouza
Safemoon weekly top 3 updates
Source: Unsplash

Safemoon saw a lot of developments this week making it a viable option for investment. The DeFi token seems to be pressing all the right buttons in 2022 and is getting ahead of the curve. Its popularity seems to be soaring and its holders’ base crossed the 3 million mark.

Despite not being listed on top exchange platforms around the world, Safemoon still remains on top of the DeFi segment.

This week alone, SFM had three big accomplishments up its sleeve. Let’s take a weekly round-up of Safemoon’s announcements below:

1. Safemoon Enters ‘Top 100 Cryptos’ List

Safemoon was launched in March 2020 and is still considered a novice in the crypto market. Despite being new and less than a year old, SFM entered the ‘top 100 cryptos’ list on CoinGecko. The DeFi token currently stands at no. 97 giving the other well-established tokens a run for their money.

SFM has come a long way since its inception and stole the limelight in this competitive sphere that is the crypto market. Coming under the ‘top 100’ list as a newcomer is not an easy task and the Defi token conquered it.

2. Crypto Bubbles Lists Safemoon

Crypto Bubbles listed Safemoon on their website for viewing and the token now shares the stage with the top cryptos in the market. The website lists weekly performances of cryptos along with their standing as per its market capitalization. It also boasts of a configuration window that opens up when a user edits or adds a chart.

The website makes it easier to understand which cryptos are on top for the day/week through their bubble chart. The bubbles are clearly divided between ‘red’ and ‘green’ signifying whether its price is up or down.

3. Mandala Exchange Announces Safemoon Listing

Mandala Exchange announced it will list Safemoon on their platform, but did specify a tentative date to get it onboard. An announcement regarding the launch date will be made shortly and users can buy and sell SFM with the app.

The ‘Mandala listing SFM’ tweet received more than 1 million impressions in just 24-hours. The listing also started to trend on Twitter and created a storm on social media.