Top Cryptocurrency Brokers in 2021

Crypto Brokers

Do you have a thing for cryptocurrency? Trading on the cryptocurrency market can be difficult if you aren’t sure which brokers to use. Find a good brokerage that will provide you with all of your trading needs. And help guide you towards making profitable trades!

At, we have created a curated list of the best cryptocurrency brokers in 2021. This will help you start trading cryptocurrencies.

Best Crypto Brokers

There are many types of cryptocurrency brokers. You can choose a broker based on your interests and their respective strengths. Some allow you to copy other traders’ trades in your account. Yet, others offer broader altcoin trade options.

Here is our pick.

eToro: Best fo Social Trading

eToro’s social trading platform changed the way many people trade and invest. Social trading entails reflecting an investor’s transaction in a social trading account.

As a result, you gain the same amount as the trader you mirror. Or, experience an equal loss percentage as the trader in their account. Additionally, eToro has an advanced crypto exchange platform known as eToroX.

eToroX is designed for institutional-grade investors and algorithmic traders.

Binance: Best for Altcoin Trading

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. Yet, the trading platform is situated outside the USA. So, in the US, you have to use instead of The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the financial derivatives for Crypto traders in the US.

Above all, Binance offers several altcoins compared to other exchange platforms. If you are planning to invest in different altcoins, Binance might suit you. You can undoubtedly trade altcoins against their Bitcoin pair. Thus, making it simple to track your performance against Bitcoin.

Gemini: Best for Ease-of-Use

Gemini is an easy-to-use tool. You can quickly build your portfolio and install your trading strategy. The Gemini app makes the best crypto exchange and wallet accessible to your hands.

You can experience real-time market prices, set alerts, and track asset through the app. This allows you to act on price movements for specific assets. Above all, you can plan recurring buys on several cryptocurrencies.

With Gemini, cybersecurity and custody solutions are guaranteed. Furthermore, account creation is free, and you can buy in less than three minutes.

Coinbase: Best for New Investors

Coinbase features among the oldest Crypto exchanges. It is serving around 43 million users in more than 100 countries. This platform has much educational resources. And an intuitive interface suitable for new investors and traders.

The exchange gives clients a hosted wallet and provides global customer support. Coinbase is a perfect choice for newbies in the cryptocurrency world. And doesn’t wish to utilize social trading services.

iTrustCapital: Best for Retirement Accounts

iTrustCapital is among the few crypto brokers that allow you to trade and hold physical gold in your retirement account(IRA). Moreover, you can trade BTC, ETH, and LTC in your IRA. This platform gives you a personal wallet, by the curve for your cryptoctransactions.

Despite iTrustCapital not having a least trade or account size, it charges a fee of $29.95 per month to its account holders. Furthermore, cryptocurrency trade has an extra 1% transaction charge based on transaction volume.

The platform suits your needs if you want to add physical gold to your crypto portfolio to hedge inflation.

WeBull: Best for Stocks and Crypto

WeBull is the best option for holding a portfolio of cryptocurrency and stock. Above all, the platform supports many cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others. Thus, easing diversification of your crypto portfolio.

The platform allows instant crypto trade. This makes it an essential medium in this volatile industry.

Additionally, WeBull is flexible enough to cater to different investors. The platform is straightforward. Yet, it allows traders to use real-time data and trading indicators. Also, the barriers of entry have been minimized at $1.

Voyager: Best for Multiple Exchange

Voyager links to many crypto exchanges. Thus, giving access to the most prominent crypto market anytime. Moreover, It is faster, reliable, and convenient.

Robinhood: Best for Beginners

Are you looking for a simple and easy-to-understand platform? Robinhood suits your desire. Despite having limited account types and trading options, it is also easier to master even for beginners.

Accessing account statements and tax documents is faster through the Robinhood app. Creating an account isn’t a hustle either. Moreover, there are guides of buy and sell beside each option. This is certainly great for beginners.

Despite requiring a $2000 least balance to access its gold features. Robinhood standard accounts doesn’t have a least required balance. So, it favors even tiny investors with little money to invest.

BlockFi: Best for Earning Interest on Crypto

The BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) enables the maximization of the crypto balance. Importantly, the platform earns your crypto interest of up to 8.6% on Stablecoins and up to to 6% on Bitcoins. Yet, this account is free to use without a least balance set.

The platform has a calculator. This you can use to calculate your interest with your balance in BIA over a specific period. Besides, BlockFi guarantees securities to your investments, giving you peace of mind. Best for Rewards has cheap trading fees that save users money. Further, it allows users to earn rewards. Besides, the platform offers crypto debit cards that earn crypto back on each buy. Investors can earn up to 8% back on purchases made with the card.

There are no regulations on least balance requirements on accounts. And you can upload your debit card from your mobile app with crypto.

This platform has more services than most crypto exchanges.

Bottom Line

When selecting a broker, consider your needs. The Crypto industry is highly volatile. Despite the chances of becoming a millionaire overnight. The chances of losing everything are high. Invest only in what you are willing to lose.