Top NFT Games in 2021


NFTs offer exciting prospects to games with their ability to quantify and monetize in-game items. They take up more critical roles in the gaming economy, promising players a new and exciting order. With more developers adopting blockchain technology, players should expect more immersive games that’ll allow them to earn crypto while playing.

The Top 5 NFT Games in 2021

NFT games feature a world where players have to collect an asset within the game’s ecosystem. The scale of collectible content varies by game and type. Here are the top 5 NFT games in 2021, each with a unique NFT.

1. Axie Infinity

Top NFT Games in 2021

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-style game where users have to collect, breed, and trade Axies. These tiny creatures exist as NFTs, and players can sell them within the game’s marketplace. Players breed these monsters using Small Love Potions that help to increase their NFT base. The game uses AXS and SLP, two Ethereum-based cryptos, to trade Axies in its native marketplace.

2. Sorare

Sorare is a leading NFT game for football. It caters to the needs of football fans who want to take up the role of fantasy managers while collecting the game’s digital cards. The game has a Common and Tokenized trading card that players use to compete in different leagues.

Common cards are free, and users get them when they start the game. Every player gets a limit of 100 Rare, 10 Super Rare, and 1 Unique Tokenized card. Users can trade on ETH-compatible marketplaces or compete in other leagues using these cards.

3. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game where players accumulate cards by winning PVP matches or purchasing them from other players. Players can auction the tokenized cards on the platform’s native marketplace or the open market. This platform has a native token known as GODS that players receive when they sell cards within the game. Scarce cards can fetch a significant USD value.

4. CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is an Ethereum-based game where players can collect and breed digital cats. Each kitty has unique “cattributes” based on its coding sequence. The game also features other rewarding adventures like puzzle-solving that help in progressing in the game.

The game is as old as NFTs, having entered the marketplace back in 2017. It has a marketplace where users can buy, sell, or breed these virtual kittens. CryptoKitties’ popularity ensures that it records up to $30k worth of transactions daily.

5. Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a city-builder game where players can buy and sell, govern their space, cultivate crops, and develop buildings. The game has 26 continents, each on different blockchains. Players can acquire land here and work on various construction projects or farms.

Players use RING, the native token, to purchase Apostles. Apostles contain unique genes and talents that determine their mining, healing, research, and fighting abilities. Based on these attributes, it’s possible to rent, sell, or deploy Apostles for tasks.


The ability of NFT to adopt popular game genres combined with blockchain elements makes them ideal for establishing rare tokens. They give games a mix of thrill and potential profitability. These games are also enjoyable, and players can earn a decent income from simply playing these games.