Twitter To Revoke Blue Checkmarks From April

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

Elon Musk’s big Twitter takeover resulted in several modifications to the social media platform. While some were positive and garnered accolades from the community, the community was not pleased with the huge layoffs. Recently, the company announced that it would be canning its iconic blue checkmarks.

Twitter wasn’t fooling anyone for April 1, as it revealed the removal process of the blue checkmarks. Regardless of the importance of the day chosen by Twitter, the removal of legacy checkmarks has been in the works for months. Musk tweeted in December that the checks will be removed “in a few months.” This was due to “the manner in which they were distributed was corrupt and nonsensical.”

Before Musk bought the firm, checkmarks were used to certify persons and entities as active, legitimate, and important accounts of interest. Free checkmarks were dispersed. Does this mean that checkmarks will no longer exist on Twitter?

Twitter Blue made available globally

In December 2022, Twitter brought back Twitter Blue, a membership service that provided users with a verified blue checkmark and a slew of other benefits for $8 per month. Due to app store costs, iOS and Android signups will cost $11 per month. Other colors and badges, for example, to tell if an account is a business or a government, are also available for purchase.

Earlier today, the firm revealed that Twitter Blue is available all across the globe. This announcement came to a couple of hours before the social media giant said that it was winding down its verified program.

Additionally, Elon Musk took to Twitter and urged the community to sign up to get verified. He said,

“To get Blue Verified for $7/month, sign up via web browser.”

As mentioned earlier, this comes with a lot of benefits. According to the firm, buying a checkmark grants users access to subscriber-only features such as fewer advertisements on their timeline. It also includes preferential ranking in discussions, bookmark folders, and the ability to create lengthy tweets, modify, and undo tweets.