Twitter [] Hit Served With Lawsuit From French News Agency

Sahana Kiran
Source – Fox Business

Once again, Twitter finds itself entangled in legal issues. A well-known French news agency, Agence France-Presse [AFP], has filed a lawsuit in Paris against Elon Musk’s, formerly known as Twitter. The news agency is accusing the social media giant of neglecting to engage in discussions regarding potential compensation for the distribution of the news agency’s content. The firm wrote,

“[AFP] has expressed its concerns over the clear refusal from Twitter (recently rebranded as ‘X’) to enter into discussions regarding the implementation of neighboring rights for the press.”

AFP brought attention to Twitter’s non-compliance with the local law. According to them, online platforms need to provide compensation to news publishers for featuring their content. France integrated the EU copyright directive, commonly known as “neighboring rights,” into its legal framework in 2019. Furthermore, this compels online platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to negotiate and establish licensing arrangements with news publishers. This is if they intend to publish their content on the respective platforms. In a recent statement, the news agency further said,

“As a leading advocate for the adoption of neighboring rights for the press, AFP remains unwavering in its commitment to the cause even four years after the law’s adoption. The legal proceedings initiated against Twitter today are in line with this ongoing commitment. The Agency will continue to employ the appropriate legal means with each relevant platform. To ensure the fair distribution of the value generated by the sharing of news content.”

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Elon Musk hits back

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, did not take the lawsuit well. He further expressed his astonishment and confusion about the legal action on the platform.

Additionally, earlier this week, Meta announced its decision to block Canadian users’ access to news content on Facebook and Instagram. This action was taken in line with a new law that mandates digital giants to pay publishers for the use of their content.

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