UAE has Halted Diplomatic Relations With Israel

Joshua Ramos
Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates January 30, 2022 via REUTERS

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has halted all diplomatic coordination with Israel, according to an i24 News report. Specifically, the country announced the suspension of those relations amid the death of 7 humanitarian workers for the World Central Kitchen in Gaza.

The news report confirmed the decision on the country’s relational status through official sources. Moreover, the publication states that the “Emirati foreign ministry has ‘expressed outrage’ with Israeli ambassador Amir Hayek over the incident. Therefore, creating a budding crisis for the two nations.

Source: Reuters

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UAE Halts Diplomatic Relations With Israel

A development that has rightfully captured global media attention has been the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Moreover, it has continued to affect the people amid the conflict, as well as government institutions that are reacting to the continued combat taking place between Israel and Palestine.

Now, the situation has created another crisis in international relations. Specifically, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had called to end diplomatic coordination with Israel according to a recent report. Specifically, an incident that caused the death of humanitarian workers led UAE officials to halt relations.

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Source: TheStreet

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The report now states that a plethora of officials are attempting to address the diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel. Indeed, there have been coordinated efforts to discuss what occurred, with Isreal’s Foreign Minister, Isreal Katz, reportedly conversing with Emirati Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed. Moreover, the Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Yaakov Blistshtein has met with Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Khaja, the UAE’s ambassador to Israel, according to the i24 News Report.

Additionally, Al-Khaja had called the ongoing situation “the darkest day in the relations between the countries.” The two nations have been engaged in positive trade and informal relations since the 2010s. Subsequently, the two sides agreed to normalize relations through an agreement that was brokered by the United States in 2020.