US Stock: $1000 In Nvidia In 2000’s Would Be Worth This Much In 2024

Juhi Mirza
Source: BBC

The stock market is known for its sheer unpredictability and the element of surprise. This is exactly what the AI chipmaker giant Nvidia embraced when the company recently unveiled its true-cap metrics and profitability statistics.

Nvidia has emerged as one of the most robust companies in the US stock market scenario. The company had briefly toppled smartphone behemoth Apple in terms of ranking, claiming the coveted second spot as the biggest organization by market cap.

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Nvidia: An Overview

nvidia stock
Source: AnalyticsInsight

Banking on the current AI wave, Nvidia is emerging as one of the most promising companies ruling the generative AI tech space in its entirety.

The company continues to forge new milestones, all while reporting stellar returns, which both the organization and its investors continue to enjoy and bask in. According to Reuters, Nvidia’s stock ended up at a high of 6.8% after encountering murky days of consistent price wavering.

The chipmaker giant is primarily making waves due to the extensive boom of AI technology in the commercial and corporate realms around the world. Nvidia’s latest surge has amped up several other stocks in the US financial market, ushering in positive price dynamics for investors to explore.

Nvidia: A $1000 Investment Is Worth This Much Now

Nvidia has long been in the chip-making business. The company however found its new footing in the years 2023–2024. These years were dubbed the formative years when the generative AI boom took the entire world by storm.

A new statistical view brought forth by Game of Trades on X gives a new perspective on how a $1000 investment in Nvidia made in the early 2000s would have been capable of disseminating profits worth millions.

Per the platform, if an investor had made an investment of $1000 in Nvidia in 2000, he would have made nearly $1,614,220 in 2024. This roughly indicates that an investor would have secured returns worth 161,322% in 25 years. The development adds more perspective on how stock market momentum truly works.

The post further outlines how far Nvidia has come in terms of its stock price valuation. In the 2000s, Nvidia’s stock was valued at $0.0872, whereas in 2024, the AI chipmaker giant’s stock value hit $140.

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“Nvidia in January 2000 was at $0.0872. And in June 2024, it hit $140.76. That’s a 161,322% return in under 25 years. Just a $1000 investment would have turned into $1,614,220. Let that sink in.”