VanEck Bitcoin ETF Ready to Launch

Source: Cryptopotato,com

To grapple with the progressively congested Crypto market, VanEck – another Bitcoin Futures ETF that might remarkably reduce charge fees is launching.

Global Investment Manager, VanEck Associates Corporation, legally filed a prospectus with the SEC. The filing that happened on Saturday will see the launch of the company’s pending Bitcoin Strategy Exchange-Traded Fund under the ticker: XBTF.

XBTF will have a management fee of 0.65%, which means $6.50 for each thousand dollar investment. In addition, the 

Ed Lopez is the Managing Director, Head of ETF Product at VanEck. In a recent statement, he said that the company is excited to provide this product to the market in the United States. 

Additionally, he revealed that VanEck Associates Corporation was the first asset manager to register for these Exchange Traded Funds four years ago. Finally, Lopez commented on their competitively low prices.

SEC gave VanEck the go-ahead

Notably, after October 23, the SEC gave VanEck the go-ahead to start trading. 

BITO, Bitcoin Strategy ETF that belongs to Pro Shares, doubles as the 1st BTC Futures ETF in the United States. This Proshares’ ETF started on the NYSE this past Tuesday and gathered over a billion dollars within two days. VanEck’s lower cost will give BITO competition.

Besides BITO,  Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BTF), which launched on the Nasdaq platform this past Friday, is also VanEck’s competition. 

The Exchange Traded Fund swirl has pressured Grayscale to change to an ETF. 

Although it is implausible to occur under the Securities Exchange Commission chair Gary Gensler. 

The reason regulators might find it hard to approve is because Grayscale takes ownership of the coin without intermediaries.  Notably, Grayscale currently charges a two percent fee, but its heads aim to lower this price immediately after the Securities Exchange Commission approves. 

On the other hand, these three companies (Proshares, VanEck, and Valkyrie) hold Bitcoin through futures contracts. Positively, however, despite these companies not holding Bitcoin directly, it is a great way to expose investors through their future contracts.

The recent ETF approvals by the SEC have allowed Bitcoin to hit new all-time highs. BTC hit a fresh record this past week of 66,974.77 USD, but today, it dropped back to 58,868 USD

How to invest in XBTF ETF

  1. Start by comparing brokers online. To make an investment in ETFs listed in the US, you must sign up to an Exchange Traded Fund broker with connections to United States markets. 
  2. Opening and funding your brokerage account. Finish filling in your details. Fund your account with a bank transfer, PayPal, or debit card.
  3. Search for the XBTF Exchange Traded Fund.
  4.  Do a background check to make sure it is solid investing in the company against your financial target.
  5. Purchase either at the time or later on. Decide on the amount you want to purchase. Check your investment. 
  6. Congratulations, you’ve truly invested in the XBTF ETF.

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