VeChain or XRP: Which Crypto Could Reach $1 First?

Vinod Dsouza
Ripple XRP VeChain VET

Ripple’s native token XRP reached the $0.50 mark last week, and it is currently holding its price range. The VeChain Foundation’s native token VET doubled in price early this year reaching $0.32 from a low of $0.15. However, VET retraced in price and it is now hovering around the $0.024 mark and is struggling to repeat its January performance. Both XRP and VeChain are aiming to reach $1, but which cryptocurrency could reach there first? Let’s find out!

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XRP or VeChain: Which Might Reach $1 First?

XRP managed to break its resistance level of $0.40, touching a high of $0.57 last month. The cryptocurrency is trading around the $0.50 mark for 11 days straight and is currently consolidating at a higher high range.


In addition, the SEC Vs Ripple lawsuit could make or break XRP’s price in the coming months. A handful of experts claimed that Ripple has an upper hand against the SEC and the ruling could go in favor of the fintech company. If that could happen, XRP could be more poised to reach $1 sooner than expected.

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XRP/USD Chart by TradingView

VeChain on the other hand is struggling to break its resistance level of $0.025 since early March this year. The cryptocurrency is barely rallying and is either dipping in price or trading sideways this month. This makes VET remain on the backfoot with little to no reason to rally in the coming days.

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VET/USD Chart by TradingView

Despite the VeChain Foundation collaborating with various businesses around the world to solve issues using blockchain technology, its price remained stagnant with little to no movement in the indices. Also, XRP has previously climbed above the $1 mark reaching an all-time high of $3.40. VeChain has never reached $1 as it retraced in price after reaching its ATH of $0.28.

In conclusion, XRP has more chances to reach $1 first as it needs to spike only 100% to reach there. VeChain is far away from the target and needs to break its resistance of $0.1 first before thinking about $1.