Verasity Token Price – an Overview

What is verasity crypto

Veracity token VRA is a means of exchange on Verasity app, especially for the market of online video. VRA sales occur through the blockchain from VeraWallet, available from the video player on any participating website.

Both the wallet and token are made, with the mind that the user needs comfort. Therefore, facilitation of its use in core markets is put in place.

Currently, the token is listing on the coingecko crypto exchange platform. VRA was also a selection by KuCoin for its exclusive KuCoin Selection program, with all transactions taking place in the blockchain.

What Is Verasity and How Does It Work?

Verasity advertised as the attention-based platform for video, gaming, and entertainment rewards,

It is a comparatively small blockchain project that looks to revolutionize the way content creators and makes interact with their viewers.

In brief, Verasity has produced a clever new video player module that publishers can use to reward viewers that watch their content.

As it stands, this is already working with 95% of the most popular video players, including YouTube and more. They allow publishers to easily reach millions with their content.

This ecosystem is powered by the Verasity token (VRA / VRAB). The viewers earn while watching Verasity-enabled videos on their favorite platforms.

Verasity (VRA) Token Price

Verasity token price has been steadily rising in the course of the year. This follows the overall bull run in the cryptocurrency market which saw many altcoins rise in value.

The month of April saw VRA’s price spike to its all-time new high of $0.052. It, however, has shown a decline consolidating in the successive months.

Recently VRA was listed on Stocktwits, the largest social investment community with over five million users. This will increase the verasian community hence causing the coin to rise in value because of the high demand and supply strength.

There have been several other activities that have led to the rise of the price like the creation of the verawallet which has reduced its withdrawals giving 25.55% APY on users stake.

As of the time of writing, the Verasity price is at $0.03224124 with a 24-hour trading volume of $39,691,197. 

VRA price is up 2.3% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 6.5 Billion VRA coins and a total supply of 10.4 Billion. With this trend and the introduction of new activities, the coin might shoot to the moon soon.

What Does the Future Hold for Veracity?

In the last two months, the crypto market has been going through a recovery of kinds, which has seen the most famous cryptocurrencies rack up impressive gains in a short space of time.

Verasity has also made strong moves in the liquidity section and with its recent listing on Bittrex the most popular exchange platforms. This, in union with its listing on KuCoin just three months ago, shows the fast movement of Verasity’s adoption.