Voice Life Partners with Verge Currency $XVG: A leap into in the future

Voice Life

Voice Life and Verge (XVG) partnered in December 2020. The partnership involves the integration of VergePAY with its partner’s Far-field wireless charging system capabilities. The duo unveiled the conceptual system on January 11, 2021, at the most influential global tech conference: CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

What is Voice Life?

Voice Life is a technology company launched in 2015. With the stated goal of making a voice controlled environment, but realizing the lacking energy distribution model, came to realize that they must build their own wireless electricity technology to power their vision. 

As such, Voice Life created the framework for a wireless electric grid network and uses graphene to enable fast charges to mobile devices (FFWCS). This technology has three main features;

1- Voice-Life technology uses artificial intelligence to enable charging by recycling existing radio waves. 

2- The technology allows for constant and continuous device use (never let your devices lose power).

3- It utilises the Verge Blockchain to enable payments for the technology. 

What is Verge Currency(XVG)?

Verge Currency (XVG) is a distributed digital currency maintained and built by a decentralized community known as the VergeFam. The blockchain, based on the Bitcoin core code, uses XVG as its native currency. Verge Currency, is one of few projects that have no central wallets, no development funding and offers some of the cheapest fees. With block times of 10 seconds, Verge Currency is one of the leading chains in terms of speed and low cost transactions.

 Justin Vendetta, the founder of the Verge Blockchain, says the partnership with Voice Life  helps the community project become a truly global currency. 

The online community fully runs Verge Coin (XVG) network, with the goal of it being a truly global currency, offering secure and efficient payment solutions. 

In addition, Verge attracts the masses because of its low fees, fast transactions, high circulation volume, and multiplatform support.

At CES, the teams explained the prototype. Some experts doubted the possibility of the group’s project. Voice Life said that they could fully charge a phone in under two minutes. Voice Life does hold patents in multiple different countries, giving weight to their claims. 

Verge and Voice Life Demonstrated their Project 8 Months Ago

The partners also went live eight months ago to demonstrate their project. They explained that they are different because, unlike others, they use the existing infrastructure that transmits regular frequency waves.

Robert started the demonstration by showing all the radio frequency waves getting transmitted and satellites visible on one of the Gen 1 devices. They used this design to harvest radiofrequency waves, store them on a hybrid battery, and connect a two-minute charge.

The design is unique because it has graphene integrated into the case. The team says this case is the safest as It also absorbs heat.

The team revealed that they also aim to have enormous coverage on a global scale. By adding NVDLA technology and Verge Currency technologies expands the scalability to include a global database of over 3,000 Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites, over 93 million cellular towers and over 2.3 billion Wi-Fi hotspots for network positioning and object detection for the provisioning of wireless power.

If your phone goes below 10% and a user is in the system, they can send a request, and then the system automatically approves the user.

After approval, the user tells the phone to charge, and the process starts. The connection will transfer the energy stored to the smartphone battery. The process succeeds because of the marriage between Blockchain  and Voice Life patented technology.

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