VRA Market Cap: Everything you Need to Know

VRA-Market cap

Verasity, commonly referred to as VRA, is a Product Layer Platform and Protocol for Video Entertainment and Esports. Its mission is to increase advertising revenues significantly on any platform. It intends to do so through its ad stack and protocol layer on its blockchain. Its Proof of View (PoV) layer is the only protocol layer on the blockchain.

Verasity generates revenue through the Esports tournament platform, where users pay transaction fees, commissions on various prize pools, and standard video ad revenue. Verasity plans to launch its B2B products later in the year. 

VRA Current Market

According to the most recent statistics, Verasity has a trading volume of USD 43,269,856. The trade volume keeps increasing as more people use the platform. Its current market cap ranking is #312, with a USD 142,655,028 market cap.

Furthermore, Verasity has a circulating supply of 4,470,186,345 VRA coins. Its max supply is 10,356,466,695 VRA coins. Unlike some of the major cryptocurrencies, VRA is listed on various crypto exchange platforms. 

You cannot directly purchase VRA with fiats money. Nonetheless, you can buy VRA by first purchase Bitcoin from an authentic crypto exchange platform. Then, transfer the Bitcoin to another crypto exchange platform that offers VRA coins.

It is important to note that not many crypto exchange platforms offer VRA coins. To make things easier for you, the following section discusses where you can buy VRA.

Where To Buy VRA

There are a few crypto exchange platforms you can buy VRA coins, they are;


This is a crypto exchange platform based in the Cayman Islands. BitMart was launched in early 2018, becoming the first crypto exchange platform from that region. Since then, BitMart has grown significantly, with its current trade volume standing at $2.3 billion. Its huge trade volume places it in the top 20 crypto exchange platforms. While its order book might be thin, BitMart boasts of fluency and consistency. 

This platform accepts customers from the US, unlike some of the other top platforms. Apart from VRA, you can trade other top cryptocurrencies on the forum. BitMart has extended its services to many countries abroad.

The fact that it accepts US customers makes it more popular. Users value it for the quick response times and how fast transactions are complete. It only takes a few minutes for coins to reflect in your wallet after purchasing. 


This is another crypto exchange platform you can buy VRA. Based in China, Binance is among the top crypto exchange platforms. This crypto exchange is known for its great crypto to crypto exchange. Since its launch in 2017, Binance has grown significantly. It has the largest trade volume among crypto exchange platforms, and you can buy almost all cryptocurrencies on this platform.

Even though Binance is a top crypto exchange platform, it does not accept customers from the US. Therefore, if you are from the US, you shouldn’t consider Binance. Despite the controversy, Binance continues to dominate the crypto exchange industry. It is among the few platforms that you can buy any recognized cryptocurrency.