Was Steve Jobs Involved With Bitcoin’s Creation?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: India Today

As reported earlier by Watcher Guru, every Apple Mac computer with newer macOS software, has a hidden copy of the Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper. The revelation was brought to light by Independent Blogger Andy Baio. The development has garnered much interest and buzz among Bitcoin (BTC) and Apple users.

Although BTC fans were ecstatic at the news, the development raises the question of why Mac computers have a copy of the BTC whitepaper in the first place. However, there isn’t any concrete answer to this perplexing question. Some believed a BTC maximalist working at Apple added the whitepaper as an easter egg. However, there is also a possibility, although wild, that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Now before we lose our calm and go berserk at the speculation, bear with me, and let’s look at some similarities between the two.

Is the Apple co-founder also the creator of Bitcoin?

Jobs and Satoshi are both highly experienced in the technology industry. Although nobody knows who the real Satoshi is, it is safe to say that the person is either Japanese or had an affection for Japanese culture. Jobs, too, was known to love Japanese culture. Jobs visited Kyoto a number of times during his life. He even went to Japan’s Soto School of Zen Buddhism. In the 1980s, Jobs visited the Sony factories in Japan and adopted many of their practices. Jobs also took each of his children on trips to Kyoto.

Furthermore, Craig Wright, one of the early ‘self-proclaimed’ identities of Satoshi, said that he had a mentor while creating the first cryptocurrency. The identity of this individual was never revealed. This figure might have been in fact, Steve Jobs.

Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from online appearances on December 12, 2010. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, unfortunately, died on 5 October 2011, 10 months after Satoshi’s disappearance. It is possible, although farfetched, that Jobs stopped working on Bitcoin (BTC) when his illness began to get worse.

Nonetheless, this is all just speculation and there is no proof that Jobs was in fact the creator of Bitcoin. However, the availability of the BTC whitepaper on Mac computers raises a lot of eyebrows. Also, during the time of Bitcoin’s (BTC) creation, Apple was just moving out with the iPhone, which revolutionized mobile phones forever. The chances of Jobs working on the iPhone and Bitcoin at the same time are a little farfetched.

Moreover, Jobs was not an expert coder, according to another Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Whereas the coding of Bitcoin (BTC) requires expert knowledge of C++.