What Are Bitcoin Playing Cards?

Bitcoin Playing cards

To understand Bitcoin playing cards, one has to understand the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin, abbreviated as BTC is a cryptocurrency (digital currency) that has been in use for more than a decade now. It is decentralized, meaning that it has no central bank or a single administrator. Bitcoin transactions are verified by network nodes via cryptograph and are recorded in a blockchain; a public distributed ledger.

Since its invention in 2008 by an unknown group or individual going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin has had its fair share of controversies. Many theories have been shared on why it might have been created, who might have made it and how long it might last. But still, with all this, the currency has scaled from $1 a coin to a whopping $60 000 a coin. 

Bitcoin Playing Cards


In 2018, Andrei Jikh and Patrick Kun announced the launch of Bitcoin Playing Cards on Kickstarter during Cardistry-Con in Hong Kong. 

Billy French stunningly designed the card decks. The deck has aspects of design that are meant to mimic and tell the Bitcoin story by the look, the value, and the feel. In just under 12 hours of the launch, the deck was successfully funded.

The playing cards come in a Bitcoin puzzle. The puzzle is an art piece that is analogous to Bitcoin’s blockchain technology. In a nutshell, you have people worldwide who are using their computing power to solve mathematical equations to mine Bitcoins from the blocks. And in this puzzle, you are the miner who needs to input some work to mine the results from the puzzle block.

The Bitcoin Puzzle

Bitcoin Puzzle

The puzzle is a sequential one, and we might tackle its solving in another article. However, once you solve it, you will free the cards, which is an actual representation of mining Bitcoins.

The Bitcoin cards come inside a custom-tuck casing with gold foiling on the interior and exterior. Inside, you have in gold foiling what looks like to be the name of the creator(s) and the story of Bitcoins. You will also see a QR code which you can scan for various uses. Within the card structure you will discover a lot of hidden secrets relating to the cryptocurrency

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The semi-custom deck comes with custom Ace of Spades, Jokers, and marked card backs in stunning gold foil. However, the court cards are kept the same as standard Bicycle faces but with gold metallic ink as accents!

This deck of cards has fifty-four cardboard playing cards in poker size, with the Joker cards being two. The Bitcoin playing cards are made by IPO52 from Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA; And printed in Taiwan on the new thin Stud Finish by Legends Playing Card Company.