What Channel is NBC on Dish?

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The modern television landscape has never been more vast, or completcated than it is today. Amid seemingly endless content across a host of networks is the learning curve of access. With streaming platforms and cable companies plenty, there is so much to sift through to find what you want to watch. Therefore, in this guide, we will answer what channel NBC is on DISH.

Dish remains one of the most popular and prominent cable providers in the United States. Indeed, the company features more than 8 million customers throughout several regions in America. However, with so many regions and programming, locating a specific channel is quite the task.

With the NFL Playoffs in full force this weekend, finding NBC has become a necessity. Subsequently, we’re going to break down what channel the network is located on for Dish network customers so that you won’t have to miss out on key Divisional Round matchups taking place in the coming days.

NBC Networks on Dish

With the NFL Playoffs in full swing, this guide will break down what channel NBC network programing is located for Dish customers
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One of the coolest aspects of NBC broadcasting on Dish is that the network provides a plethora of options. Indeed, those who are seeking out the channel can find specified options that focus on one particular aspect of its offerings.

The NBC Channels that are offered by Dish include:

  • Main NBC
  • NBC Sports
  • NBC Universo
  • Local NBC Affiliate

Specifically, the main NBC Channel is a similar offering to nationwide customers. This is the place where NBC will feature primetime programming, news, and specials. Alternatively, NBC Sports is dedicated to the sports offerings from the networks. This will include things like Sunday Night Football from the NFL, NASCAR, the NHL, and even the Olympics.

Additionally, NBC offers its Spanish language affiliate, NBC Universo. This is for Spanish speakers who are seeking to have access to most NBC offerings; from news specials and sports broadcasts. Finally, NBC offers local affiliates that are regional-based. This can include things like local news, weather, or sports broadcasts.

Where to Find Them

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Now that we know what networks are offered, let’s delve into where to find them. Specifically, NBC is located on channel 2-70 on Dish TV. However, this is a little bit more nuanced as we get into the various options of NBC broadcasts.

Specific NBC Network channel ranges for most regions can be found in the following:

  • NBC: Channel 17 (128 for HD)
  • NBC Sports: Channel 175 (475HD)
  • NBC Universo: Channel 878
  • Local NBC Affiliate: Varies Based on Package and Location

For most Dish customers, NBC is included in their base packages. However, these ranges may vary based on things like region, and package type. Many of the different locations and package tiers will feature a host of different viewing options. Therefore, it is important to consult your channel guide to uncover where to find the programming you are seeking out.