What Countries is ByBit Available In?


What Countries Is ByBit Available In? A Comprehensive Guide

ByBit, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, offers users a secure and reliable trading platform worldwide.

With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, ByBit has gained popularity among crypto traders. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the availability of ByBit in different countries, including supported and restricted regions. Let’s dive in!

What Countries is ByBit Available In?
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ByBit Supported Countries

ByBit is accessible in over 180 countries and supports trading for users worldwide.

With native support in more than 18 languages, ByBit aims to provide a seamless trading experience to its global user base. Whether you are in Europe, Asia, or Africa, chances are ByBit is available in your country.

ByBit Restricted Countries

While ByBit strives to be accessible to users globally, there are certain countries where regulatory constraints limit its services. These restricted countries include:

  • United States: ByBit does not operate in the United States due to regulatory frameworks set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Compliance with U.S. regulations and obtaining necessary licenses are prerequisites for ByBit to offer services in the country.
  • Mainland China: ByBit is also restricted in mainland China, where cryptocurrency regulations have become increasingly stringent.
  • Singapore: ByBit is not available for users in Singapore, primarily due to regulatory hostility from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) against the digital asset sector.
  • Quebec and Ontario in Canada: Users from Quebec and Ontario provinces in Canada are restricted from using ByBit’s services.
  • North Korea, Cuba, and Iran: ByBit does not provide services to users from these countries due to international sanctions and regulatory constraints.
  • Uzbekistan and specific areas in Ukraine: ByBit is also restricted in Uzbekistan and certain regions of Ukraine.

Furthermore, ByBit complies with international sanction requirements and does not offer services to individuals or entities on sanction lists such as the U.S. Treasury Department’s List of Specially Designated Nationals or Blocked Persons, the EU’s Consolidated Financial Sanctions List, and the UK Sanctions List.

ByBit’s Move to Dubai

What Countries is ByBit Available In?
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In response to regulatory challenges in Singapore, ByBit has relocated its headquarters to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, the move to Dubai was driven by the country’s progressive regulatory regime and its efforts to attract leading cryptocurrency exchanges. ByBit’s decision to establish its presence in Dubai reflects its strategy to align with favorable regulatory environments.

Future Expansion and Compliance

While ByBit currently faces restrictions in certain countries, its future expansion plans remain dynamic. Compliance with regulatory frameworks and obtaining licenses are crucial factors that determine ByBit’s ability to offer services in restricted regions. As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves and regulations are defined, ByBit may explore opportunities to expand its reach into new markets.

Trading Volume and User Experience

ByBit’s popularity as a crypto exchange is not solely based on its availability in multiple countries. The platform’s impressive trading volume and user experience contribute significantly to its reputation.

Furthermore, ByBit offers a range of features, including spot trading, perpetual contracts, margin trading, and copy trading. These features, combined with a user-friendly interface and great design, make ByBit a preferred choice for many traders.

ByBit Review: A Closer Look

What Countries is ByBit Available In?
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For a more detailed analysis of ByBit’s features, trading experience, and security measures, check out our comprehensive ByBit Review. This review provides valuable insights into the platform’s strengths, weaknesses, and user feedback, helping you make an informed decision.


In conclusion, ByBit, a globally recognized cryptocurrency trading platform, is available in over 180 countries.

While the platform faces restrictions in certain regions, its commitment to compliance and the user experience remains unwavering. ByBit’s move to Dubai and its focus on regulatory alignment reflect its dedication to operating within favorable regulatory environments.

As the crypto industry evolves and regulations become clearer, ByBit may expand its services to more countries, providing a wider reach for crypto traders worldwide.

Remember, before engaging in any trading activities, conducting thorough research and understanding the regulations and risks associated with cryptocurrency trading is essential. Happy trading!