What is DaddyDoge? Everything You Need to Know

Daddy Doge

DaddyDoge is the newest addition to the doge crypto project. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain. Owning tokens on DaddyDoge comes with many perks. Most important is the unique way in which the project rewards holders. Contained below are all the details you need to know regarding the Daddy Doge project.

DaddyDoge Launch

Following a successful social media campaign to make Daddydoge popular, the team had a pre-sale period before launch. In it, interested buyers had access to as many tokens in the project as they wanted. During the launch, surplus tokens including those not added to the liquidity pool got burnt. For illustration, 43.4% of the total supply of daddydoge tokens was burnt. At the same instant, buyers took up 25% in the pre-sale and another 25% added to the liquidity pool. Meanwhile, the remaining tokens went into paying transaction fees.

Does DaddyDoge Reward Holders?

The Daddy Doge project has very promising returns for investors who are in it for the long term. First, the way it is deflationary. In simple terms, the tokens become scarce with time. As a result, their value increases the more you hold. Secondly, every transaction gets subjected to a 9% charge. Later, this charge  gets distributed in three ways; 3% to Daddy Doge holders, 3% goes back to the liquidity pool, and the last 3% goes towards reimbursing the developers and marketers.

What Makes Daddy Doge Unique?

Daddy Doge creators initiated this project with aspirations of making it the most successful crypto mission in history. In light of this, they built in the following special features:

  • Unrugpullable: Daddy Doge guarantees the safety of your investment by implementing locked liquidity. Furthermore, ownership shifts from the owner to the buyer at the end of each transaction.  For these reasons, the project checks all the boxes for a fully community-driven initiative
  • The Unique Reward System: 3% of every transaction gets redistributed to all holders. In this regard, you get additional tokens just for holding.  
  • Plans for A Global Takeover: Daddy Doge is here to stay and seeks to cross boundaries across the entire world. In the long run, Daddy Doge seeks to gain prominence all over the world. Additionally, there are plans to have signages in highly populated cities like New York, Tokyo, and London.

Where Can You Buy Daddy Doge Tokens?

Soon after launch, DaddyDoge listed on PancakeSwap. Currently, you can invest in this promising project by purchasing tokens on the PancakeSwap exchange platform. In the future, DaddyDoge hopes to reach 1$ billion market cap and qualify for listing on Binance.

How Can You Buy Daddy Doge Tokens?

Inventors interested in Daddy Doge tokens only need to follow a simple procedure. Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install the Trust Wallet or MetaMask application.
  2. Buy Binance tokens (BNB) and transfer them to either of the apps you installed in the previous step. You can try moving a small amount to test if you have everything set up the right way.
  3. Open the Daddy Doge landing page and tap “Buy.”
  4. When the PancakeSwap Dapp launches, agree to the terms and load Daddy Doge
  5. Ensure that you have synced your wallet with Pancake Swap
  6. Enter the amount of daddyDoge tokens you’d like to purchase.
  7. Hit swap and count yourself as the newest Daddy Doge holder

Is Daddy Doge a Sensible Investment?

Due to the many perks and awesome features built into Daddy Doge, it is one of the best investment plans in crypto markets. Get it now on PancakeSwap before it takes off completely.