What is Dana White’s Net Worth in 2024?

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Few names in the martial arts space are as well-known and respected as Dana White. Often viewed as the face of the UFC, White took over the presidency in 2001 and has orchestrated its meteoric rise over the past two decades. With that incredible ascension in mind, this guide will explore Dana White’s net worth in 2024.

Within the sports world, and specifically, the combat sports world, there are few entities as widely regarded as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Kicking off its first event in 1993, the mixed martial arts promotion was founded by Rorion Gracie and Artie Davie. However, no one has had a bigger impact on the sport than Dana White its current CEO and President.

The UFC is not the only combat sports promotion White leads, as he is also the owner of Power Slap, a slap-fighting promotion founded in 2022. Subsequently, considering the immense popularity of White, and these promotions, let’s discuss his net worth as we set off into the new year.

White and The UFC

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If you have any passing interest in martial arts, you have undoubtedly heard of the UFC. A promotion founded in the 1990s, its focus was on uncovering which martial arts discipline reigns supreme. The endeavor would be a trial by combat, with masters of a host of different martial arts facing off to crown a victor. Therefore, ultimately crowing an ultimate fighting champion.

The industry and the promotion have come a long way since those early events. Regulation by sports commissions has certainly streamlined the product. Subsequently, it has rapidly ascended over two decades to become one of the most popular combat sports promotions on the planet.

There is little argument to be made that Dana White is one of the most responsible for that ascension. White’s brash charisma has led to him becoming the face of the brand executive committee. Moreover, becoming president in 2001, he has charted its course atop the martial arts mountaintop.

Before heading the company, White worked as a manager. specifically, he managed two UFC Hall of Famers, Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. When the owner of the UFC’s parent company, Bob Meyrowitz, inclined an interest in selling, White called on executive childhood frine Lorenzo Fertitta. Thereafter, Lorenzo and his brother Frank bought the company and called on White to be its president.

Since then, the company has built itself up into a juggernaut. In 2016, Zuffa, the subsidiary that owned UFC, was sold for a remarkable $4.025 billion. White owned 9% of the company stoke at the time of the sale. So, let’s see how much that has affected his net worth in 2024.

Dana White’s Net Worth

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Considering his rapid ascension in the sporting industry, Dana White’s net worth for 2024 is estimated at more than $500 million. The primary reason behind the vast wealth that White has accumulated is the aforementioned UFC expansion. Since taking over a brand headed for bankruptcy in 2001, White captained it to gross revenue of $600 million in 2015. Thereafter, it enacted a massive sale in 2016 to a company that would be renamed, Endeavor.

In 2023, Endeavor announced a brand new merger to form a new public company. Specifically, the brand announced its purchase of the WWE, the largest professional wrestling company on the planet. Therefore, both UFC and the WWE would create a new publicly traded company by the name TKO.

White, with a proven track record from his days with the UFC, will now serve as the CEO of the company. Although his fortune is already nearly half a billion, it is expected to continue to grow. Throughout 2024, the UFC will remain the premiere option in mixed martial arts. Moreover, it should benefit greatly from the immense global popularity of the WWE.