What is My Curio Cards NFT?

My Curio Cards NFT

The NFT metaverse keeps on growing day by day. I took a look into My Curio Cards, the first known NFT art project on Ethereum blockchain. Although it is the oldest known NFT on Ethereum, few people know about it and where they can get this piece of hot history.

My Curio Cards NFT

Because of their popularity, a lot of people think CryptoPunks and EtherRocks are the oldest projects. However, in reality, My Curio Cards came before those two. My Curio Cards is a collection of 30 unique NFT cards created by seven different artists. The project launched on May 9, 2017, and had the primary goal of using Ethereum to create a new model for digital artwork ownership.

Each card represents something meaningful and might have some cultural value. For example, there are cards about Bitcoin, sculptures, poetry, and painting, among others.

Who are the Creators of My Curio Cards NFTs?

The creators of My Curio Cards are Travis Uhrig, Thomas Hunt, and Rhett Creighton. The three co-founders came together in 2016 and had discussions about creating digital art and a marketplace for it. It was not until 2017 that they acted on their idea. They held an online art show on May 9, 2017, effectively launching the My Curio Cards project. Travis, in an interview, said that a collection of Rare Pepe blockchain-based trading cards inspired them to create My Curio Cards. 

How Were the 7 Artists Selected?

According to Mr. Travis, some of them were people the founding team already knew, while others were significant contributors to the digital art space. Travis and his team also used the notable google form to recruit digital artists to the projects. Hence, the end group consisted of people the team knew and others who found them on the internet.

Is the Number 30 Significant?

As Travis says in an interview, there is no particular significance in the number 30. The market for digital art was very young and barely existent. After making 30 cards and seeing how low interest in the niche was, the artists stopped. Little did they know that it was going to be a big industry.

What is the Price of My Curio Cards NFTs?

curio cards

Currently, the Curio Cards are available for sale on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. On the OpenSea market, the lowest price for any Curio Card is 2.19 ETH, and it can go as high as 288 ETH. Because of their old nature, you have to wrap Curio Cards for them to work on OpenSea. For this, you can use the Curio Wrapper Tool.


In summary, My Curio Cards is possibly the oldest NFT art project yet. However, we do not know if other artists will emerge claiming to be older. One trend is beginning to emerge: The age of NFT projects somewhat seems to contribute to the pricing of these digital art collections. However, this is just a hypothesis. Time will tell soon. Cheers.