What is SupDucks NFTs? Everything You Need to Know


Non-fungible tokens are unique and represent digital collectibles. The encrypted tokens run on the Ethereum blockchain, making it easy to verify their ownership. In comparison, any digital item can be an NFT, but arts and collectibles form the bulk of NFTs in the marketplace.

SupDucks are part of the numerous NFT projects taking the crypto-verse by storm. They’re a collection of 10,000 unique avatar-style duck heads. Their appeal has seen them get a total sales volume of $5.87 million in the past seven days.

What are SupDucks NFTs?

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SupDucks NFTs are a collection of 10,000 unique hand-drawn avatar-style duck heads. Most NFT projects took inspiration from CryptoPunks, which caused the NFT market to surge, and SupDucks is no exception. However, unlike CryptoPunks, SupDucks tokens have the character elements randomly selected from a collection of hand-drawn features.

Part of the reason why SupDucks is successful is the fact that each token is hand-drawn, giving it an artistic look. Each duck head has a unique combination of characteristics adding to its rarity. The different array of features determines each duck’s rarity. 

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The collection has an array of rare features that include 16 different backgrounds, 18 skins, 38 clothes, 38 hats, 27 mouths, and 27 eyes. The collection also features ten super ducks.

History of SupDucks NFTs

SupDucks NFT is a project of MegaVoltCorp, which consists of a team of 5 individuals, each taking a specific role in marketing this token. The most widely known founder of the project is a Latin American CryptoArtist known as Franky Aguilar. There’s little personal information available for the other four founders.

SupDucks went on sale on July 16th, 2021, with Frankie saying he drew inspiration from some of his Twitter followers. An algorithm with different features generates the avatar-style ducks, and the creators use digital artistic tools to draw them. The team of five hand-drew these features using Apple Pencils, Procreate, and iPads. The artistic look of the ducks makes many people fall in love with this NFT project. 

How Much do SupDuck NFTs Cost

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Minting of the 10,000 SupDucks initially happened on their website, but it’s easy to purchase them on secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. At launch, SupDucks cost between 0.1 to 0.7 ETH but currently cost a minimum of 0.21 ETH. SupDucks with rare features can sell for hundreds of ETH.

Within the first week of launching, SupDuck prices were roughly $950. Currently, the average cost for a SupDuck NFT is $1,186. The most expensive SupDuck NFT to sell since launch is SupDuck 0, which sold for $236 thousand. This NFT collection is witnessing a high Ethereum transaction volume and has featured among the top 10 NFTs traded on the OpenSea marketplace.

SupDucks Off to a Flying Start

SupDucks has been among the top-performing NFT collections recently, evidenced by its large sales volumes since its launch. The artistic appeal of this NFT to potential buyers means that there can only be more purchases. However, it will be easy to determine if SupDucks will maintain this upward trend as time passes.