What is the FEG Token?


FEG (Feed Every Gorilla) is a token that is designed to provide a decentralized transaction network. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain, and the Binance smart chain.

FEG is a deflationary token. It has a maximum circulation supply of 100 quadrillion both on Ethereum blockchain and on the Binance smart chain.

After every single transaction, a 1 per cent tax is shared out among the holders, while another 1 per cent is burned. This encourages holders to maintain ownership of their tokens and also helps to reduce the supply over time.

Based on the model of the market of supply and demand, this means that as the supply of the tokens decreases, scarcity of the same increases.

Inner Workings

FEG is a fully decentralized system. No one person fully owns the token. Any and all decisions are made after consensus within the community.

The token is 100% rug proof and carries its own liquidity.

FEG rewards its investors with a share of a one per cent tax that is imposed on each transaction.

There are future plans to release creative and innovative products to ensure that the FEG token remains sustainable within the crypto space.

How and Where to buy FEG

Since Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges that allow fiat deposits, we will use it to explain this process.

First, you need to purchase one of the main cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Tether.

After purchasing the coins, you will then need to transfer them to an exchange that trades in FEG.

You will then need to deposit the coins to the exchange from Binance, subject to the market pairs that are available at the time. Once the deposit has been verified, you are then free to buy FEG from the exchange.

The foremost exchange for trading in the FEG token is FEGex. FEGex is a multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance smart chain. The cross-chain link will enable cross-chain swapping between tokens if they are liquid enough for the bridge.

Transactions across the platform are worked out by a dedicated server as they need a system to work out the logic. The system is on the centralized exchange (CEX).

 Others are Gate,io, 1inch Exchange, PancakeSwap, and BKEX