How to Buy FEG Token (FEG): Guide

Feg Token

FEG token, which is an acronym for Feed Every Gorilla is a decentralized transaction network based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). With just a maximum supply circulation of 100Q, a FEG Token is a super-deflationary token with an impenetrable burn wallet on both ERC-20 and BEP-20. 

A 2% percent transaction tax is applicable to all holders, independent of ownership proportion -which includes holders who collect tokens as transactions occur. Essentially, a decrease in supply circulation causes an increase in the token’s scarcity. It is because of this inverse relationship that a demand and supply system comes into play.

Buying FEG Token

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Step 1: First Obtain ETH or BNB Tokens

You can buy FEG in two ways: You can use PancakeSwap for Binance Smart Chain or Uniswap for Ethereum. And unlike other major cryptocurrencies, it is impossible to purchase FEG tokens directly with fiat money. Nevertheless, you can simply purchase this token by first buying Ethereum or BNB. You can purchase these from whatever fiat-to-crypto transfer using your credit card. And then further transferring the ETH or BNB to an exchange that trades FEG.

Step 2: Transfer Your ETH or BNB Tokens to an Exchange that Trades FEG

But this transaction is not complete yet. Because FEG is an altcoin, we need to send our ETH or BNB to an exchange that trades FEG. Uniswap requires Ether tokens to buy FEG. To get the Ether tokens, you can purchase them from one of the many crypto exchanges that support the asset. 

As for PancakeSwap, use a software wallet like TrustWallet to buy FEG using the BNB tokens you already purchased. In general though, while there are a plethora of software wallet alternatives available, MetaMask is the best wallet for users. This is because it can support both BSC and Ethereum at the same time.

If you wish to store your cryptocurrencies in the most secure manner, you will require a crypto hardware wallet. In contrast to digital wallets, hardware wallets are actual tangible devices that keep your cryptocurrency offline. They make it virtually improbable for cyber hackers to access your digital currencies.

Step 3: Exchange BEP-20 Tokens Into FEG Tokens

You should be able to see the amount of BNB/ETH you have transferred in a few minutes. That is if you have a network like Binance configured in your wallet. If you do not already have a network configured in Metamask, it would be advisable that you do so. As you will not be able to purchase FEG tokens unless this is done.

Once you successfully connect your wallet to the appropriate network, you will be able to complete your purchase. Due to the fact that PancakeSwap is essentially a duplicate of Uniswap, the platforms operate in a very similar manner.

To access this liquidity pool, simply search for FEG token on any search engine. You will be able to exchange either ETH or BNB for a FEG token.

Now Get Your FEG Tokens

It is necessary for you to verify the exchange from within the wallet first before you can complete the transaction. If you’re using metamask, the Chrome extension will immediately appear and ask you to accept the transaction before proceeding. Once you authorize your application, the delivery of your FEG tokens should then reach your wallet within minutes.