What Is The Worst Nightmare That Could Happen to The Crypto Industry: Experts Answer

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A person or a group of people going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 presented published documentation outlining a purely peer-to-peer account of electronic cash.

This, in turn, gave birth to a new online payments method called Bitcoin (BTC) and, consequently, many other virtual currencies forming the crypto industry.

However, 13 years down the line today, even after the crypto industry surged well in the middle of many challenges, fears, and concerns still seize the cryptomarket.

Source: Forbes

This article looks at some of the greatest fears and concerns gripping the specialist and what they term as the ‘worst horror’ for the crypto market. What do they fear most about the crypto market? 

Experts’ Response On Worst Nightmare For Crypto

Here are a few responses by experts;

According to Alan Chiu, the huge fear would be the U.S. suffering from China’s crypto policy, which drives change away from the country. Alan Chiu is CEO of Enya. He is also leading an information privacy organization.

Alan says that the Crypto industry will survive. However, the U.S will suffer more from missing out on the flow of change coming out of crypto.

Amanda’s Response

The crypto industry is an excellent chance for people to build a more inclusive world economic system. According to Amanda, a people’s chief at ConsenSys, women, and minorities can be empowered through the crypto industry.

She mentions that her worst nightmare is waking up to realize that the crypto industry is another ‘wall street.’ Amanda Keleher represents a society of people who are made to produce and market blockchain and P2P applications.

Amanda says that to improve the crypto industry, we need to include talented people in various ways in the crypto world. However, this is far from reality, and in her own words, she says;

“My concern is that the people might decline to welcome this event and make it real, with influence and a lasting change.”

Andrew Levine Response

Andrew Levine is the CEO of Koinos Group, an engineering company led by blockchain experts. The company has people with unusual experience, being creators and designers of the BitShares and Steem blockchains.

Andrew Levine says that the worst nightmare for the crypto industry is when innovative contract programs provide for its early users, treating the ordinary people as second-class citizens.

According to Andrew, ordinary crypto users require feeless ventures. They can work in the creative ways that they know and love and make a profit from them.

He continues to say that;

“Users will require something that is simple, fun, and available to use. However, until we have this, the true choice of crypto by the many will just be a dream.”

Joel John’s Response

Joel John is a principal of DeFi and VC investing. He highlights his biggest fear to be failing to interpret what happens to the typical, ordinary person. That is helping the ordinary person get income as they engage in their investment and have fun in the process.

According to Joel, currently, only a  few applications are doing so. For instance, Axie Infinity and OpenSea. 

Halsey Minor’s Response

Halsey is a technology associate at VideoCoin Network. The network provides video infrastructure for the blockchain-enabled internet functions that are token-driven.

Halsey says that he fears that the SEC might overlook the tens of billions of dollars spent today by consumers in ETNs, to focus on the very creative DeFi space.

Halsey mentions that ETNs are the new mortgage securities.

“If all are ignored by the SEC  it will be too late and they will need to stop the banks from creating deadly securities, to prevent the destruction of real change.”

Making the Most Out of the Crypto Industry

Presently, the Crypto market is one of the best and most lucrative trading markets available. It is also readily available for many individuals who have a sufficient understanding of using the Internet.

When it comes to trading in the crypto Industry, investing is not enough. Creating lots of duties upon the trader, attention, and diligence is also necessary. 

Despite the fears and cares(Crypto industry worst nightmare) of the experts mentioned above, you can still make the most out of the crypto industry. All you need is to apply the following;

  • Be up to date. You need to follow up on the day-to-day activities happening in the crypto industry.
  • Be positive. The crypto market changes every other time. You need to be patient and be positive about everything.
  • If you are a trader in the crypto industry, you need to observe time. Manage your time well by keeping a plan and realizing it.
  • Strategize—know-how and when to invest. If you are trading, have a plan that will help you win more and make you profitable.